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Military Times: Troops Support McCain 3-to-1 Over Obama!

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Well known leftist-leaning Gannett News Service, which owns a multitude of newspapers, radio stations, and magazines in the U.S. and the UK, also has a long history of supporting the Democrat Party.

Gannett also owns the Military Times.

A military-wide presidential poll of active-duty soldiers from all branches, conducted by the Military Times, shows McCain hugely favored over Obama.

If Soldiers Could Choose Their Own Commander-in-Chief

(Source: Military Times Poll for 2008 Presidential Election)


All Branches McCain Obama Uncommitted
ALL BRANCHES 68% 23% 9%
White non-Hispanic 76% 17% 7%
African-American 12% 79% 9%
Hispanic-Latino 63% 27% 10%
“Other” Race Specified 58% 30% 12%
By Rank McCain Obama Uncommitted
Enlisted Military 67% 24% 9%
Military Officers 70% 22% 8%
By Branch McCain Obama Uncommitted
Army 68% 23% 9%
Navy 69% 24% 7%
Air Force 67% 24% 9%
Marines 75% 18% 7%
By Gender McCain Obama Uncommitted
Men 70% 22% 8%
Women 53% 36% 11%
By Age McCain Obama Uncommitted
18-34 65% 27% 8%
35 and older 70% 21% 9%

With the obvious exception of the racial slant in the black vote, which like the civilian black voting bloc mostly trends heavily towards the candidate running as an African-American, no other sector of the military comes even close to supporting Barack Obama for Commander-in-Chief.

Now, Obama supporters point to Powell. But Powell is a known political opportunist who has clearly taken a side against active duty military members before, and again in this election.

They will attempt to discredit the published results by claiming some right-wing slant. But the Military Times is owned and edited by left-leaning Gannett News Service.

They will call all non-black members of the military “racists” for opposing Obama, just like they label other Americans opposing Obama as “racists.” Never mind the overt racism in the black vote.

They might even try to label these men and women in uniform “fascists” – since they don’t know what a “fascist” really is and have misused the name to describe Bush and Cheney for years now.

But they can’t hurt our soldier’s feelings anymore than they already have by calling them “terrorists” running “Gulags” and “torture chambers.”

Yet the facts remain…

Active troops support John McCain 3-to-1 over Barack Obama.

Colin Powell stands to personally gain power and money by supporting Obama. What do the troops stand to gain by supporting John McCain for Commander-in-Chief?

As the men and women actually in Iraq and Afghanistan, who know best what is happening on the ground there and in many other dangerous places around the globe, does their opinion matter to average Americans back home? Do they matter to you?

What do we mean when we say “we support the troops?”

There is no ambiguity in the results of the military poll that shows  all branches combined still support McCain by 68% over only 23% for Obama.

What does this mean about Americans back home who do not have their lives on the line, when they vote against the troops?

Who is better qualified to choose the next Commander-in-Chief?  The troops “we support,” or the millions back home who have never put on a uniform or taken up a weapon in defense of this nation?

Who has more at stake than our troops in harm’s way, when deciding who the next Commander-in-Chief will be?

What does it say about you if their opinion doesn’t matter to you?

John McCain is “one of them!”

Barack Obama is so far from being “one of them,” that he can’t even begin to imagine what it is to be “one of them.”

The troops will serve under anyone we elect. Some of them will die under whomever we elect.

Do you have what it really takes to “support our troops?” Colin Powell doesn’t… Colin Powell has once again chosen to serve himself.

Read those numbers above. Think about the men and women who answered those surveys. Try to imagine what this election means to them. Then ask yourself why they won’t support Barack Hussein Obama for their next Commander-in-Chief…

Then ask yourself, how can you?

You can stand with leftists attempting to serve themselves if you like…

I, on the other hand, will SUPPORT THE TROOPS who support McCain!

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