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Rotten ACORN & Voter / Bank Fraud

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Photo ID: ACORN Voter ID Scandal in 2006 Could Have Been Avoided

People are still bombarded with phrases from politicians like, “make every vote count!”

While there are significant complaints from groups affiliated with radical leftist organizations in the the United States, these organizations are often the most significant offenders who disenfranchise the votes of other citizens through watering down the ballots via voting fraud.

Washington State speaks out against one such organization which has been caught and convicted of disenfranchising voters and a plan to keep it from ever happening again.

…if photo I.D. requirements had been the law in Washington state, the voter fraud scandal involving ACORN in 2006 would never have happened. According to Washington Secretary of State Sam Reed, the incident “was the worst case of election fraud in our state’s history. It was an outrage.”

Two years ago ACORN submitted just over 1,800 new voter registration forms, but there was a problem. The names were made up — all but six of the 1,800 submissions were fakes. Reed said he was appalled.”

This is not a recent or isolated matter with ACORN.

As a reminder, ACORN was founded in 1970 and successfully lobbied the the Democratic Party in 1977, to create an indirect funding mechanism, in which political activities would be donated in return, which apparently included voter fraud. The legislation was called “The Community Reinvestment Act of 1977” – the root of the cause of the Sub-Prime Loan Crisis in 2007. In the words of Rev. Wright, “the chickens came home to roost.”

ACORN abuses this Carter/Democratic legislation by organizing followers of their special interest group to complain to the regulatory agency, to starve banks which did not donate money to their politically affiliated community groups or perform enough bad loans to their politically affiliated community group followers.

Other examples of this far-left Marxist organization disenfranchising American voters include:


  • 2005 – Two ex-ACORN employees were convicted in Denver, Colorado of perjury for submitting false voter registrations.
  • 2005 – Four ACORN employees submitted as many as 3,000 potentially fraudulent signatures on the group’s Albuquerque, New Mexico ballot initiative. A local sheriff added: “It’s safe to say the forgery was widespread.”
  • 2005 – the Virginia State Board of Elections admonished Project Vote and ACORN for turning in a significant number of faulty voter registrations. An audit revealed that 83% of sampled registrations that were rejected for carrying false or questionable information were submitted by Project Vote. Many of these registrations carried social security numbers that exist for other people, listed non-existent or commercial addresses, or were for convicted felons in violation of state and federal election law.
    In a letter to ACORN, the State Board of Elections reported that 56% of the voter registration applications ACORN turned in were ineligible. Further, a full 35% were not submitted in a timely manner, as required by law. The State Board of Elections also commented on what appeared to be evidence of intentional voter fraud. “Additionally,” they wrote, “information appears to have been altered on some applications where information given by the applicant in one color ink has been scratched through and re-entered in another color ink. Any alteration of a voter registration application is a Class 5 Felony in accordance with § 24.2-1009 of the Code of Virginia.”
  • 2004 – An ACORN employee admitted to forging signatures and registering three of her friends to vote 40 times on Colorado.
  • 2004 – A Florida Department of Law Enforcement spokesman said ACORN was “singled out” among suspected voter registration groups for a 2004 wage initiative because it was “the common thread” in the agency’s fraud investigations.
  • 2004 – In Michigan, the Detroit Free Press reported that “overzealous or unscrupulous campaign workers in several Michigan counties are under investigation for voter-registration fraud, suspected of attempting to register nonexistent people or forging applications for already-registered voters.” ACORN-affiliate Project Vote was one of two groups suspected of turning in the documents.
  • 2004 – North Carolina officials investigated ACORN for submitting fake voter registration cards.
  • 2004 – An ACORN employee registered a 13-year-old boy to vote. Citing this and other examples, New Mexico State Representative Joe Thompson stated that ACORN was “manufacturing voters” throughout New Mexico.
  • 2004 – In Ohio, a grand jury indicted a Columbus ACORN worker for submitting a false signature and false voter registration form. In Franklin County, two ACORN workers submitted what the director of the board of election supervisors called “blatantly false” forms. In Cuyahoga County, ACORN and its affiliate Project Vote submitted registration cards that had the highest rate of errors for any voter registration group.
  • 2004 – In Minnesota, during a traffic stop, police found more than 300 voter registration cards in the trunk of a former ACORN employee, who had violated a legal requirements that registration cards be submitted to the Secretary of State within 10 days of being filled out and signed.
  • 2004 – In Pennsylvania, Reading’s Director of Elections received calls from numerous individuals complaining that ACORN employees deliberately put inaccurate information on their voter registration forms. The Berks County director of elections said voter fraud was “absolutely out of hand,” and added: “Not only do we have unintentional duplication of voter registration but we have blatant duplicate voter registrations.” The Berks County deputy director of elections added that ACORN was under investigation by the Department of Justice.
  • 2004 – In Texas, ACORN turned in the voter registration form of David Young, who told reporters “The signature is not my signature. It’s not even close.” His social security number and date of birth were also incorrect.
  • 2004 – In Wisconsin, the district attorney’s office investigated seven voter registration applications Project Vote employees filed in the names of people who said the group never contacted them. Former Project Vote employee Robert Marquise Blakely told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel that he had not met with any of the people whose voter registration applications he signed, “an apparent violation of state law,” according to the paper.
  • 2003 – In Missouri, of 5,379 voter registration cards ACORN submitted in St. Louis, only 2,013 of those appeared to be valid. At least 1,000 are believed to be attempts to register voters illegally.
  • 1998 – In Arkansas, a contractor with ACORN-affiliated Project Vote was arrested for falsifying about 400 voter registration cards.

The historical message is clear – The Radical Leftists are doing well in the United States through their corruption via the Democratic Party. The protection of the Republic through reasonable means of ensuring that only valid citizens are voting can easily be managed through Photo ID.

In most States of The Union, you need a photo id in order to travel by car or plane as well as purchase alcohol, tobacco, and even medication. Only the most subversive wish to “game” the election system – protecting the integrity of the voting system via Photo ID is not too much to ask.


Gun Ban Obama

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On the campaign trail, Senator Obama hides behind carefully chosen words and vague statements of support for sportsmen and gun rights to sidestep and camouflage the truth. But even he can’t hide from the truth forever… his voting record, political associations, and long standing positions make it clear that, if elected, Barack Obama would be the most anti-gun president in American history. The facts speak for themselves. This election day, vote to defend freedom…because if Obama wins, you lose.

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Michael Moore: ‘Gustav Is Proof Of God’ Sent To Pay-Back Bush/McCain

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Radical-leftist filmmaker (and Obama confidante) Michael Moore has his own take about the divine aspects of Hurricane Gustav’s scheduled landfall just as Republicans open their convention in St. Paul. Says Moore: “Gustav is proof that there is a God in Heaven.” He made the comment on Keith Olbermann’s show Countdown on MSNBC. Of course, Moore was quick to add that he hopes nobody gets hurt and that people will take cover from the storm, which is set to hit the Gulf Coast on Monday.

The despicably dishonest Olbermann dragged in President Bush presenting a birthday cake to John McCain three years ago during Katrina, in his role as a journalist with integrity, to show that President Bush and Senator McCain partied while people died in New Orleans.  What both of these slugs didn’t mention that the cake was presented on a airport apron, between the President’s and McCain’s flights and meetings coordinating Katrina relief.

Listen as these two feed each other lines and cues, it’s a love-fest.

Cokie Roberts On Timing Of Obama Vacation, etc.

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Sunday, August 10, 2008 at 4:20:20 PM

Listing Of Obama’s ‘Earmarks’ – 2006 Through March 2008

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Handy reference, bookmark this page!

The list included $1 million for a hospital where Mr. Obama’s wife works, money for several projects linked to campaign donors and support for more than 200 towns, civic institutions and universities in Illinois.

Funding requests by Obama for Fiscal Year 2008 can be found here, and for 2006 & 2007 here.

Mr. Obama had previously released the requests for earmarks that he made last year. And Thursday’s statement disclosed details of his requests from 2005 and 2006 for the kinds of home-state projects that critics often describe as pork-barrel politics.

Based on the release by his campaign, Mr. Obama was able to obtain only about $3 out of every $10 he requested, not very effective for a Senator, but Obama is a freshman without too much clout.

The winning requests included more than $10 million for a military arsenal in Rock Island, Ill., to several million dollars for research on soybean disease and livestock genes at the University of Illinois and $100,000 for after-school clubs and sports programs at the Chicago Jesuit Academy.

In many cases, Mr. Obama’s requests benefited political supporters.

His campaign’s list said the senator had secured $1.3 million of an $8 million request in 2006 for a high-explosive technology program for the Army’s Bradley Fighting Vehicle. The list said the program was overseen by General Dynamics.

One of Mr. Obama’s top supporters, James S. Crown, serves on the board of General Dynamics, a military contractor. Mr. Crown is a member of Mr. Obama’s national finance committee.

Mr. Obama also secured $750,000 of a $3 million request for renovation of a space center named for Mr. Crown’s grandfather, Henry Crown, at the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago.

In addition to the University of Illinois, Mr. Obama secured several million dollars for a project at Chicago State University. Emil Jones Jr., the president of the Illinois State Senate and an early and powerful political benefactor of Mr. Obama’s, has been a dogged champion of Chicago State, and one of Senator Obama’s closest friends. A Chicago businessman, James Reynolds, sits on its board.

In 2006, Mr. Obama sought, but did not secure, $900,000 for a “Go Girl Go” sports initiative aimed at discouraging socially risky behavior in teenage girls by encouraging them to pursue physical activities. The group was founded by the former tennis star Billie Jean King. But Ms. King has endorsed Mrs. Clinton for president, and the funding somehow didn’t materialize….

See also:

New York Times Article

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Friday, August 8, 2008 at 6:08:04 PM

Clinton Dems Blast Obama Ties To Big Oil & Deception

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The folks over at Clinton Democrats site are pretty riled up over “The Chosen One’s” cozyness with Big Oil. Everyone should check out their well-sourced article there, by clicking the link above.

Let me give you a little preview of their information:

“Obama Voted For Bush/Cheney Energy Bill, Written In Secret By Industry Lobbyists”
– New York Times


“Sen. Obama voted for the 2005 Energy Bill, written in secret by Vice President Cheney and the energy lobby. Thomas Friedman referred to the bill as “the sum of all lobbies.” U.S. PIRG noted that the bill’s “heavy tilt toward big oil companies reflects the influence of Exxon Mobil and other oil companies on policy-makers in Washington, DC.”

The Washington Post editorialized that the bill was a “piñata of perks for energy industries.” Indeed, the bill contained $6 billion in subsidies to the oil and gas industry and $12 billion to the nuclear power industry.

Although Sen. Obama voted for the legislation, he has spoken as if he opposed it on the campaign trail, criticizing it repeatedly. At a presidential debate he said “You can look at how Dick Cheney did his energy policy…he met with oil and gas companies forty times, and that’s how they put together our energy policy.” He’s attributed the failure of our current energy policy to Congress’s “failure to stand up to the lobbyists.”

Sen. Obama’s rhetoric blasting the policies of Vice President Dick Cheney and energy lobbyists can be stirring. But Obama’s actions haven’t matched his words.”

Click here to read the entire article. It is very damning.

To fully understand exactly how damning Obama’s false charges are against John McCain, one has to know that both John McCain and Hillary Clinton opposed the Bush-Cheney energy bill in 2005. It is very clear Obama is the one who has consistently been in “Big Oil’s” pocket.

A little history….

On April 24, 2008, Mark Halprin writing for The Page, had this item:

Clinton Team Response to Obama Attack on Oil Prices:

Sen. Obama Attacks On Oil Companies! Really?
Clinton Campaign Responds To Sen. Obama Attacks

Senator Obama attacked Senator Clinton today for not standing up to the oil industry. Really? Senator Obama is the only candidate that voted for the Bush-Cheney energy bill and took more money from oil company executives than any other candidate last month:

Clinton spokesman Phil Singer said: “Sen. Obama might say he doesn’t take contributions from oil companies, but he took more money last month from oil company executives than any other candidate. He might say he’ll stand up to the oil companies but he’s the only candidate who voted for the Bush-Cheney energy bill that was written by energy lobbyists and has been called the best energy bill corporations could buy.

“With gas prices this high, talk is cheap. The American people need solutions.”


  • Sen. Obama accepted more money from oil execs last month than any other candidate

TRUE: Sen. Obama accepted more money from oil company executives last month than any other candidate, while he ran an ad saying he didn’t take money from oil companies. “Sen. Barack Obama continued accepting donations from oil company executives and employees last month [March, 2008] even as he aired ads in which he stated he took no oil company money, his campaign finance reports show. Obama has taken at least $263,000 from oil company executives, family members and employees since entering the presidential race last year, including $46,000 last month. [March, 2008] At least $140,000 has come in chunks of between $1,000 and $2,300, the maximum permitted under federal law.” Obama’s [LA Times, 4/24/08]

  • Sen. Obama Voted For The Bush/Cheney 2005 Energy Bill

TRUE: Sen. Obama voted for the 2005 Energy Bill, Hillary opposed: [H.R. 6, Vote #213, 07/29/05]

  • With 2005 Energy Bill, Energy Lobby Got What They Paid For

TRUE: Washington Post: 2005 Energy Bill was ‘a piñata of perks for energy industries’: The Washington Post said, “…The energy bill, touted as a way to reduce dependence on foreign oil or moderate gasoline prices, has been turned into a piñata of perks for energy industries.” [Washington Post, 7/30/05]

  • Sen. Obama Has Acknowledged Pernicious Influence Of Lobbyists On Energy Policy He supported

TRUE: Obama: ‘You can look at how Dick Cheney did his energy policy…he met with oil and gas companies forty times, and that’s how they put together our energy policy’: “The one thing I have to remind folks, though, of – we’ve been talking about this through Republican administrations and Democratic administrations for decades. And the reason it doesn’t change – you can take a look at how Dick Cheney did his energy policy. He met with environmental groups one, he met with renewable energy folks once, and then he met with oil and gas companies forty times, and that’s how they put together our energy policy. We’ve got to put the national interest ahead of the special interest, and that’s what I’ll do when I’m President of the United States.” [Democratic Presidential Debate, 7/23/07]

It was a fine populist riff calculated to appeal to Democratic audiences as Obama seeks his party’s presidential nomination. But not only did Obama vote for the Senate’s big energy bill in 2005, he also put out a press release bragging about its provisions, and his Senate Web site carries a news article about the vote headlined, “Senate energy bill contains goodies for Illinois.” [The Politico, 3/26/07]

I guess Senator Obama, being “The Chosen One” didn’t count on anyone remembering today, in August 2008, what he voted for in 2005, and spoke out against in a Presidential Debate in 2007, yet bragged about on his Senate webpage just a few months before the debate quoted above!

Please feel free to use the information above, and that in the included links, as documentation in spreading the word about this heinous liar. I am now completely convinced that John McCain is a better choice than Obama. The shitpile of lies and untruths has just gotten too high around this man, and his campaign, like in his attack today, saying McCain is in the pocket of the oil companies, is beginning to stink like a rotten corpse.

McCain Blasts Obama Support For Bush-Cheney Energy Bill

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Barack Obama’s latest negative attack ad shows his celebrity is matched only by his hypocrisy,” said Tucker Bounds, a McCain spokesman. “It was Senator Obama, not John McCain, who voted for the Bush-Cheney energy bill that was a sweetheart deal for oil companies.”

The bill provided $14.5 billion in “sweetheart” tax breaks for oil companies, and perhaps it is a coincidence that Big Oil donated over $397,000 through June to Barack Obama….

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