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Republicans & “Silent Majority” Finally Fired Up? Yes, It Seems….

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Over at, Sonlit is writing about a recent visit to the Hallowed Halls.  Hallowed Halls of Congress, that is…..

“I have just one message for the moonbats- be afraid, be very afraid. I haven’t seen Republicans this fired up in eons.

Today, due to the courtesy of the office of Phil Gingrey (and the help of Eeevil Conservative), I had the privilege of walking the hallowed halls of Congress to the Capitol building.

On the way, I witnessed a session of speeches in the famed Statuary Hall by Ray Blount, Marsha Blackburn, Scott Garrett, John Doolittle and others. Among the messages, that were filmed was the new address that citizens can use to voice their rage.

After about 8 or 9 of these speeches, we were allowed to actually enter into the House floor and listen to more speeches. Hundreds of supportive citizens listened to Patrick McHenry and Louie Gohmert and others give compelling-bullet proof- speeches about how not drilling, refining and using safe nuclear power makes no sense.

I called into Snooper’s Take Our Country Back show, Media Lizzy’s show and on an abbreviated impromptu Truth Warriors show.

Folks, I saw these Congresspeople up close and they get it. By the reaction of the lefties, so do they. Don’t let up. Not an inch! Pour it on! Show no mercy!”

So now it really starts.  What I warned my friends running the Obama campaign about months ago.  By abandoning their winning hand, and playing to the radical left of the Democratic Party, the “Silent Majority” has been ass-kicked into action. I know this is just one small example, but the news has been awash with hundreds of the same kind of gatherings the past three weeks.

Silly, you think?  Read the history of the 1968 election, and then go read the history of 1972 as well.  The Silent Majority are both Democrats and Republicans.  The Democrats are regular guys and gals of the Harry Truman, Jack Kennedy kind.  They love America, and they are angered and upset (and so never, not ever do they websurf there) over what they have read at the Daily Kos, Media Matters and Huffington Post. Sure they know, feel instinctively, that things aren’t right. They just disagree with the lefties at the Kos that it’s America’s fault.  They beleived in the Iraq War, just think Bush has done a piss-poor job at executing it, winning and getting the hell out of Dodge. They give Bush bad poll numbers not because they think he’s a bad man, it’s because he allowed spending to go through the roof by that bunch of drunken Sailors known as Congress…and that is why they give that bunch even lower numbers than President Bush.

The Republican members of the Silent Majority are some of those bitter citizens Barack Obama spoke of, clinging to their religion and guns.  They aren’t part of the “Religious Right”, they know the Earth is older than 5,000 years, think abortion is mostly wrong, but are smart enough to know sometimes, just sometimes, it is a necessary evil. Their God is a gentle and loving one, not a mean and vengeful one.

And now the smug, self-righteous members of the Radical Left have pissed them off…..with their attitude of entitlement, their claiming victory way too early and insulting and denigrating a genuine war hero like John McCain. They know we have vast, untapped natural resources, and don’t beleive we should be paying what the Euro’s pay for gasoline. They’ve listened to Obama talk about more and more taxes, and they are, or know people, making $150,000-250,000 with three or four kids, a mortgage and know they ain’t “rich”.  They are barely keeping their heads above water.  They don’t think its right to take someone else’s money and give it to others who haven’t earned it. They know that their ancestors came here to NOT be like Europe, or whever, and they don’t like the idea of One World, and are so proud to be citizens of America, they don’t want or care to be Citizens of the World.

So, I guess many of us owe Barack Obama a thank you.  He has done what other politicians could not do since Ronald Reagan.  He has awakened the vast majority in the middle, and their judgement on his ideas and proposals are just now beginning to be set.  McCain might not be their first choice, but he is the one who comes closest to understanding them.  And they are willing, considering the alternative, to trust yet another Republican to do what is right.  God help John McCain and his people if they screw this one up, so he better be prepared to deliver some belt-tightening.  He just needs to tell them what is needed.  They will take care of the rest, gladly sacraficing if that is what it takes to keep government out of their pockets.

Watch the polls this September and October.  You’ll see. 😉