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IMPORTANT READ: Playboy, Rape and Grim Fairy Tales

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Media Lizzy blogs about the Playboy website putting up a graphic piece about the author’s desire to have hate sex with 10 conservative women.  Violent rape.

See NSFW/Kids screen shots HERE, that were abruptly deleted from the Playboy website – after many Republican and Conservative folks went ballistic.

The same Playboy author, Guy Cimbalo, uses the B-word in attacking Michelle Malkin and says she has “mental problems.”  So this wasn’t a fluke, something out of the ordinary for this puke.  He’s a sicko, with a sick mind…the kind of sick f__k that sometimes makes me weep, thinking about their mother or sister(s), and how his words must be such a deep hurt, so very, very painful for them.

AOL News fired liberal writer Tommy Christopher because of his repeated attempts to get coverage of the Playboy attack list on AOL’s Politics Daily. Christopher had first attempted to post this criticism of Playboy’s sick list the day it was published on their website.  Surprise, surprise, he learned that shortly after putting his article on Politics Daily it was deleted by an editor.  In his two years of writing for the site not one other post had ever been deleted by an editor

There are moral absolutes.  Guy Cimbalo and his ilk are free to choose how they live, write, and speak.  Free to behave immorally.  But that does not mean the behavior is acceptable.  Or moral.  It is not.

Go here and read, please.

Get involved, because the next time it could well be you, or someone you know. Blog this story, email it, don’t let it die until AOL and Playboy hear from those of us who know what is moral, what is right.


For too long we have accepted that the Internet stands for freedom. But freedom without responsibility is mob rule, the jungle. Where being too accepting of this “freedom” has led us to was amply demonstrated in the horrid story Tommy Christopher protested. The father of that creeps story was accepting “MILF” jokes and banter, and the mother was the whole Sarah Palin deal. When a person is bankrupt of ideas or constructive criticism, now they turn to denigration and marginalization. Sometimes, most shockingly, it is done merely because it is easier.

Somehow a new code of ethics needs to be formulated, and all of us need to insist it be followed, and be prepared to suffer the slings and arrows of those who will attack us for insisting upon it. But it needs to be done.

If not, the accepted practices of some, that includes actual intrusion into our private lives and that of our own families, will become increasingly more common. It will become a more wide spread “sport” to see who can draw first blood, literally, in making journalists and bloggers to retreat from their ideas, to actually drive them off the public Internet!


Young Conservative ‘s Anthem

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An Internet rap video which claims to reflect true conservative values is quickly becoming a cult success:

“The Young Con Anthem,” created by two Dartmouth students, has received more than 115,000 views and has been featured on The Huffington Post, USA Today and a variety of blogs across the political spectrum.

Students David Rufful and Josh Riddle made a rap video which they say was intended to spread the views of the Young Conservatives, a group started by Rufful and Riddle with “a devout mission to spread the love and logic surrounding true conservatism,” according the organization’s Web site.

Rufful and Riddle, both due to graduate in 2012, came to Dartmouth from the Northfield Mount Hermon School, a private school in Massachusetts.

“We didn’t think it would blow up to be this big, but it was kind of a way for us to express a pretty unique view,” Riddle said in an interview with The Dartmouth. “We kind of wanted to spread the love that’s behind the conservative movement.”

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Gay Marriage Ban Sparks Gay Rioting In California

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1_gayprotest_prop8Thousands took to the streets of the Los Angeles area and San Francisco Wednesday evening to protest California’s passage of Proposition 8, a ban on gay marriage. Before long the demonstrations turned violent.

Demonstrators marched together on streets in West Hollywood and Hollywood where several protesters stopped at busy intersections, screamed obscenities at motorists, were blocking traffic and prompting intervention by police.

An additional group of about 500 protesters gathered near CNN’s Los Angeles bureau, where they were seen banging on the doors and walls, breaking glass and throwing objects,  causing the Los Angeles Police Department to declare a tactical alert — requiring all available officers to respond to the protest — some of whom were brought in from other stations.

Television cameras showed one protester jumping on top of a police car at the intersection of Hollywood and Highland. He was quickly wrestled to the ground by police and handcuffed.

Several others were arrested when a group of people broke away from the larger demonstration that began in West Hollywood earlier in the evening.

In San Francisco, hundreds gathered on the steps of City Hall to protest approval of the ban.

Protesters held candles and carried signs that read “We all Deserve the Freedom to Marry” as part of the event, which was sponsored by groups opposed to Proposition 8.

San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom expressed frustration in the ban, but said he is hopeful it will be overturned.

The loss was a big political defeat for Newsom, who’s been one of the most prominent advocates of same-sex marriage. He says the effect on his gubernatorial aspirations is “trivial” and “irrelevant.”

Meg Waters, part of the Yes on 8 campaign team, told City News Service, “gay and lesbian couples have exactly the same protections under the law with civil unions.”

“Marriage has been defined as a man and woman since time began,” Waters said. “The people of California have voted twice, so I think the best thing to do is for everybody involved to figure out a way to move forward.”

Waters said she understands “how gays and lesbians may feel concerned about this.”

“If they stop and look at the situation, they have the exact same legal protections and rights under the law today they had yesterday,” Waters said.

You can’t change the definition of something that existed forever because you don’t like it.”

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Thursday, November 6, 2008 at 1:24:49 AM

Strike Back At Those So-Called Election Experts!

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I’ve been encouraging people for years, suggesting to even strangers in the supermarket, that if a pollster calls them, or encounters them in person, to flat-out lie to them.  Same for those pesky “exit surveys” that seek to strip away our right to confidentiality in voting.

I have been quite active and methodical about this, as have several dozen of my friends across the nation. In blogs, in speeches, emails and posts on countless thousands of wiki’s and boards.

It was some election, I can no longer remember which one, where early reports of East Coast voting was blamed on lessening the turnout in California. It really pissed me off, I remember that, at least.

Since then, I have actively recruited friends and strangers to my cause, to drive the pollsters out of business! I know I won’t succeed, but I still harbor the hope of really messing with them.

It’s still not too late for you to join in.  All you have to do is answer your phone, or stop and talk with a pollster on the street.  If you’re for McCain, say you are a strong Obama booster.  If you are for Obama, tell them you support McCain.  On voting day, seek out exit polling operatives, make a beeline towards them, and fill their mushy heads will all the nonsense you can manage without cracking up.

Then sit like I do, election night, and have the time of your life watching the furrowed brows, the sweaty foreheads of the pundits, trying to explain away what is happening versus what they all assured us was going to.  It would serve them right, those nattering nabobs of sage election-night advice, who never once manage to shut up.  😉

What do you think?

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Thursday, October 30, 2008 at 7:30:09 AM

Obama Praised As ‘Searing and Timely’ Book by Terrorist Ayers

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Barack Obama, who has consistently downplayed his relationship with William Ayers during his presidential campaign, once gave a glowing endorsement of a book by the former domestic terrorist and was mentioned by name in the book itself.

A blogger unearthed the Dec. 21, 1997, endorsement in the Chicago Tribune and posted photographs of the praise for Ayers’ book on Saturday, October 18th.

Featured next to a smiling photograph of himself, then-State Senator Obama called Ayers’ book, “A Kind and Just Parent: Children of the Juvenile Court, “a “searing and timely account of the juvenile court system, and the courageous individuals who rescue hope from despair.”

The book, which details life at the Chicago Juvenile Court prison school, mentions Obama by name on page 82 when it describes Chicago’s Hyde Park neighborhood:

“Our neighbors include Muhammad Ali, former mayor Eugene Sawyer, poets Gwendolyn Brooks and Elizabeth Alexander, and writer Barack Obama. Minister Louis Farrakhan lives a block from our home and adds, we think, a unique dimension to the idea of ‘safe neighborhood watch’: the Fruit of Islam, his security force, has an eye on things twenty-four-hours a day.

The Obama campaign said the blurb was not a full-fledged review of the book, which is odd, because the quote Obama supplied to the publisher seems to be just that.

A month before the item appeared, on Nov. 20, 1997, Michelle Obama, then dean of student services and director of the University Community Service Center, held a panel at the University of Chicago that featured both Barack Obama and Ayers.

“Ayers will be joined by Sen. Barack Obama, Senior Lecturer in the Law School, who is working to combat legislation that would put more juvenile offenders into the adult system,” the University of Chicago Chronicle reported on Nov. 6, 1997.

Obama has been criticized for refusing to elaborate on the extent of his relationship with Ayers and for claiming to have had no idea Ayers was a co-founder of the Weather Underground, which claimed responsibility for bombing the Pentagon, U.S. Capitol and a New York Supreme Court justice’s home in the Sixties.

The Obama campaign has noted that Obama was 8 years old when Ayers and the Weather Underground were active and has no link to their activities, however Obama has yet to explain why he befriended Ayers as an adult, and participated in so many of his endeavors.  Ayers has said he has “no regrets” about his participation in the domestic terror group, and in fact has lamented they didn’t “do more” acts of terrorism.

“A Kind and Just Parent” was in stock at and ranked 51,273 in sales on Monday.

NOTE: For the skeptics out there, here is a contextual photo, showing where the Obama review came from look at lower left. This shows the entirety of page 5 of the Chicago Review book section on December 21, 1997. Obama’s review is visible at the lower left. (Hi-res version of this photo here.)

Liberal Supermajority?

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What, exactly, can we expect if the liberals gain both houses of Congress and the Presidency? It appears there are no “moderate” Democrats left.






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Annual Alfred Smith Dinner: McCain, Obama Roasted

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Edward Cardinal Egan is flanked by presidential candidates John McCain and Barack Obama at Thursday night's Alfred Smith dinner.

Edward Cardinal Egan is flanked by presidential candidates John McCain and Barack Obama at Thursday nights annual Al Smith dinner

Appropriately, Republican John McCain was seated to Edward Cardinal Egan’s right at Thursday night’s annual Al Smith Dinner – Democrat Barack Obama to his left. Donning white tie and tails, they put aside political rancor to roast and toast each other with equal relish.



McCain got the ball rolling with a mock announcement that he had fired his entire team of high-priced advisers, as he once did last summer. “All of their positions will now be held by a man named Joe the Plumber,” deadpanned McCain, referring to real-life plumber Joe Wurzelbacher of Ohio, who became a minor star of the candidates’ final debate Wednesday.

As for those who question whether Joe would have enough money to pay his taxes under an Obama administration, McCain whispered that Joe “recently signed a very lucrative contract with a wealthy couple to handle all the work on all seven of their houses” – a reference to McCain’s many homes.

Obama got off his own zingers, beginning by telling the tuxedoed crowd that there is no other group in America that he would rather be “palling around” with, a dig at McCain ads asserting that Obama consorted with one-time radical William Ayers.

“It’s often been said that I share the politics of Alfred E. Smith,” said Obama, “and the ears of Alfred E. Neuman.” The Illinois senator also paid homage to the dinner’s location at the Waldorf-Astoria. “I hear from the doorstep, you can see all the way to the Russian Tea Room,” he cracked in a shot at GOP veep nominee Sarah Palin’s boast that she can see Russia from Alaska.

In another riff, Obama said “contrary to the rumors you have heard, I was not born in a manger. I was actually born on Krypton and sent here by my father, Jor-el, to save the planet Earth,” a shoutout to Superman.

With Mayor Bloomberg sitting just a few feet away, Obama also got in a dig at the mayor’s bid to seek a third term. “The mayor recently announced some news … by announcing he is going to be rewriting the rules and running for a third term, which caused Bill Clinton to say, ‘You can do that?'” joked Obama, causing the nearby Hillary Clinton to throw back her head in laughter.

But both men’s jokes ended with poignant salutes to each other for a battle well-fought, offering what amounted to a goodbye. The two men are not expected to share the same stage again this election.

“There was a time when a mere invitation of an African-American citizen to dine at the White House was taken as an outrage and an insult,” said McCain, adding, “I can’t wish my opponent luck, but I do wish him well.”

Said Obama, “There are very few of us that have served this country with the same dedication and honor and distinction as Senator McCain.”

The 63rd annual dinner, named in honor of the four-term governor of New York in the 1920s, raised $4 million for the Alfred E. Smith Memorial Foundation. Smith’s great-grandson, Alfred Smith 4th, began the evening by joking that he hoped both vice presidential nominees, Palin and Democrat Joe Biden, would also attend. “But Sarah Palin is at the state troopers’ ball,” quipped Smith, “and Joe Biden couldn’t find a white tie and tails at Home Depot.”

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