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Dear Mr. Obama: Freedom Is ALWAYS Worth The Price

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Perhaps the best and most moving commercial/homemade YouTube of the campaign season. It’s a must-see!


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Voters See McCain’s Top Priority Finding More Energy

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Voters Think Obama’s Top Priority Is Reducing The Energy We Use

Latest Ramussen Reports Survey Spells Bad News For Obama

By substantial margins, voters believe that McCain’s top priority is finding new sources of energy while Obama is more focused on reducing the amount of energy we consume.  Data released yesterday shows that voters overwhelmingly believe it is more important to find new sources of energy. 67% believe McCain shares this priority while just 29% believe Obama holds that same view.

Other survey data shows that more voters trust McCain than Obama on the energy issue. Surveys also show strong public support for offshore oil drilling, a position advocated by McCain and resisted or waffled on by Obama.

The race between Obama and McCain remains very close in the Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll. Only on Iraq do voters perceive a bigger divide between Obama and McCain. On that issue, voters overwhelmingly believe that McCain is more focused on winning the War while Obama places a higher priority on getting the troops home.

On that one issue, it is Obama whose position is more in line with popular opinion 49% of voters nationwide now believe that getting the troops home is the top priority.  42% say winning the War is more important.

However, on Iraq, McCain’s position is supported by a very solid majority of Republicans and conservatives. On energy, most Democrats agree with McCain and liberal voters are evenly divided.

Also see Dick Morris and Eileen McGann’s BAD TIMES CAN BOGGLE BAM

“Leave Without Winning Iraq War” Numbers Fall Below 50%

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The number of American voters who believe getting the troops home from Iraq is more important than winning there has fallen below 50% for the first time since Rasmussen began polling on the question in May. 49% still feel that way, while 42% place more importance on winning the war in Iraq. Trending spells trouble for Barack Obama on this issue…

By contrast, in mid-May, 52% said bringing the troops home was more important than winning the war, which only 39% rated as more important. In surveys in late June and early July, support for bringing the troops back was at 54% and for winning the war was at 40%.

The partisan divide remains clear, with 76% of Republicans saying that winning the war is more important and 72% of Democrats giving the higher preference to bringing the troops home.
In recent weeks, Americans also have shown record confidence that the United States is winning the war on terror.

Voters continue to see the outcomes in Iraq as widely different depending on which of the presidential candidates is elected in November.

If Democrat Barack Obama wins, 63% say it is likely that U.S. troops will be home by the end of his first term, versus 38% who think that is likely if Republican John McCain gets elected president.
But 54% believe that the United States is likely to win the war in Iraq if McCain is elected, while only 25% think that is possible if Obama becomes the next president.

In the 2004 election cycle, 51% of voters said making sure Iraq becomes “a peaceful nation enjoying freedom and democracy” was more important than bringing U.S. soldiers home right away. Thirty-nine percent (39%) believed bringing the troops home was more important.

Americans also still trust McCain far more on national security issues than Obama. In the latest survey, the Republican leads 52% to 40%, up from the eight-point lead he held the week before.

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GOOD NEWS DEPT: Bin Laden’s Former Driver Sentenced to 5 1/2 Years

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A military jury has sentenced Osama bin Laden’s former driver to 5 1/2 years in prison Thursday after he was convicted of providing material support to terrorists in the first U.S. war crimes trial since World War II. The judge gave Salim Ahmed Hamdan credit for the slightly more than five years he has been held at Guantanamo.

The judge gave Salim Ahmed Hamdan credit for the slightly more than five years he has been held at Guantanamo, so he could be released in five months. But the U.S. government has argued it can detain Hamdan and other “enemy combatants” indefinitely as long as the war on terrorism continues.

Hamdan, testifying at the sentencing hearing, had pleaded for a light sentence and apologized to U.S. victims of terrorist attacks. “It was a sorry or sad thing to see innocent people killed,” Hamdan was quoted as saying.

“I personally present my apologies to them if anything what I did have caused them pain.”

He admitted that he kept working for the al-Qaeda leader even after he learned that bin Laden had planned terrorist attacks.

But he said that his only motive was supporting his family. The Yemeni father of two, who has a fourth-grade education, said he needed a job and that bin Laden paid well and treated him with respect.

Over time, his views of bin Laden changed, Hamdan told the six military jurors who will sentence him for supporting terrorism. Standing amid his lawyers, his head bowed, he acknowledged that he knew bin Laden was behind the 1998 bombings of two U.S. embassies in East Africa and the 2000 attack on the USS Cole in a harbor in Yemen.

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Obama Tell-All Book – A Must Read!

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Part One Of Jerome Corsi’s interview:

Part Two of Jerome Corsi’s interview:

“THE OBAMA NATION, Leftist Politics and the Cult of Personality”

In this thoroughly researched and documented book, the #1 New York Times bestselling co-author of Unfit for Command: Swift Boat Veterans Speak Out Against John Kerry explains why the extreme leftism of an Obama presidency would leave the United States weakened, diminished and divided, why Obama must be defeated and how he can be.

The radical-left smear machine is ramping up into high gear over this one, simply because the entire book is so completely documented and foot-noted.  In fact, I would say 80 of the documentation can be checked out completely on the Web.  George Soros’s Media Matters, Daily Kos, Huffington Post and related Soros bankrolled websites are in full attack mode as of this writing.

If you have any intelligence whatsoever, and are not a Kool-Aid drinker, you owe it to yourself, and owe it to America to read the book, investigate the sources yourself.

From the publisher’s review:

In this stunning and comprehensive new book, the reader will learn about:

  • Obama’s extensive connections with Islam and radical politics, from his father and step-father’s Islamic backgrounds, to his Communist and socialist mentors in Hawaii and Chicago, to his long-term and close associations with former Weather Underground heroes William Ayers and Bernadette Dohrn’s associations much closer than heretofore revealed by the press
  • Barack and Michelle’s 20-year-long religious affiliation with the black-liberation theology of former Trinity United Church of Christ Reverend Jeremiah Wright, whose sermons have always been steeped in a rage first expressed by Franz Fanon, Stokely Carmichael and Malcolm X, a rage that Corsi shows has deep meaning for Obama
  • Obama’s continuing connections with Kenya, the homeland of his father, through his support for the candidacy of Raila Odinga, the radical socialist presidential contender who came to power amid Islamist violence and church burnings
  • Obama’s involvement in the slum-landlord empire of the Chicago political fixer Tony Rezko, who helped to bankroll Obama’s initial campaigns and to purchase of Barack and Michelles dream-home property.
  • the background and techniques of the Obama campaigns cult of personality, including the derivation of the words hope and change
  • Obama’s far-left domestic policy, his controversial votes on abortion, his history of opposition to the Second Amendment, his determination to raise capital-gains taxes, his impractical plan to achieve universal health care, and his radical plan to tax Americans to fund a global-poverty-reduction program
  • Obama’s naïve, anti-war, anti-nuclear foreign-policy, predicated on the reduction of the military, the eradication of nuclear weapons and an overconfidence in the power of his personality, as if belief in change alone could somehow transform international politics, achieve nuclear-weapons disarmament and withdrawal from Iraq without adverse consequences, for us, for the Iraqis or for Israel.


About the Author
DR. JEROME CORSI received a Ph.D. from Harvard University in political science in 1972 and has written many books and articles, including the No. 1 New York Times best-seller, Unfit for Command: Swift Boat Veterans Speak Out Against John Kerry. His latest best-seller was The Late Great USA: The Coming Merger with Mexico and Canada. He is a senior staff reporter for and the author of two books on contemporary Iran: Atomic Iran and Showdown with Nuclear Iran. In his 2005 book Black Gold Stranglehold: The Myth of Scarcity and the Politics of Oil, which he co-authored with Craig. R. Smith, Dr. Corsi predicted oil prices at over $100 a barrel.

Wright, FISA, Guns & Now Ludacris: Pattern Is Obvious

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No one can say the Obama staff doesn’t at least partially learn from their mistakes…..

After allowing the Reverend Wright controversy to fester and damage his campaign for months, at least the Obama Campaign reacted fairly swiftly in putting distance between the hate speech of Ludacris in his most recent video.  Problem is, they continue to want their cake and eat it too.  In denouncing the lyrics, Obama and his staff continue to praise this despicable hater.  And that lies at the center of people’s misgivings about Senator Obama.

Saying Ludacris should be “ashamed of himself” for the lyrics he used, and then praising him for being a talented artist and good businessman, they completely negate their condemnation.  This is a replay of the Jerimah Wright business, where Obama distanced himself from that haters more inflammatory statements, yet continued to say what a close, personal friend and mentor the man was.

If this was just about those two unhinged haters, Senator Obama would be entitled by any fair-minded individual, to the benefit of the doubt.  But it is pretty clear this is about character, basic fundamental character. The lack of it.

  • Obama, going after Hillary Clinton tooth and nail, hammered her unmercifully over FISA.  Obama stated dozens of times the telecoms shouldn’t be granted immunity from lawsuits, and he would join other Senators in filibustering it if necessary, during the primaries.  As soon as he was assured the nomination, barely a week after, he voted for the measure.
  • During the primary season Obama rarely missed a chance to denigrate President Bush’s No Child Left Behind program and his Faith Based Initiative.  Now Obama, post primaries, has endorsed both, and more than endorsed, called for expanding both of them!
  • He promised to abide by and accept Public Financing of his campaign, and the attendant spending limits that would mean, only to go back on his word once he captured the nomination.
  • What little Obama is on the record as saying about gun control, shows he was for it, and believed the Second Amendment permitted strict regulation and/or banning of them. Now, with it important to capturing Independent and Republican voters, he not only endorsed the recent Supreme Court ruling on the District of Columbia’s banning of handguns, he took it a step further, saying the Court’s ruling was in line with his feelings all along!  I actually looked up at that time, looking for the house I just knew was hurtling from the heavens to land on him……
  • And of course there is the “Surge”. He was against it from the beginning. Now he says that isn’t so. And of course, Obama says he isn’t prepared to say it has worked, nor would that fact, if he were to accept its truth, cause him to support it now.

Given the above, and several dozen other reversals, the pattern is clear and set.  Apologists try to paint his about-faces as Obama’s evolution of thought, or a refinement.  That is BS.  I respect anyone having a legitimate change of heart.  Senator McCain, on drilling, for instance, was straight enough to explain that what made a sensible stance when oil was thirty-five dollars per barrel, wasn’t at all reasonable or sensible when it was over $100. In my book that isn’t flipping or flopping, but evaluating policy in light of more current conditions.

From the Surge to guns, from FISA to No Child Left Behind, to even injecting racism and gender into the campaign, it is clear Barack Obama and his team are prepared to do or say anything to get elected, to sell out any supporter or friend in order to get power.

Part of the dangerous game Obama & Company are playing is giving all these shifting positions the old “wink and nod” to his hard-core supporters…..letting them perceive that Obama hasn’t really changed at all, and is merely saying what is necessary to win–to stop that horrible McCain.  Then, once in the White House, he will somehow revert back to the “Good Barack” they flocked to and supported. Such talk is rampant in the thousands of “My Barack Obama” ( website groups.  His advisors evidently believe the cult of personality they have developed around Obama will be able to ride out the eventual disenchantment and fury when most his supporters realize they have been played.

I wonder. If their gamble is wrong, people will take to the streets.

Obama Now Says “Conditions” To Dictate Final Withdrawal – Years From Now

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Barack Obama said today that the size of the U.S. forces left in Iraq would be “entirely conditions-based.” Obama said Prime Minister Maliki recognized Iraq was “going to need our help for some time to come. We’re going to have a very capable counter-terrorism strike force there for a while, it’s hard to know where we may be a 1.5 years from now.”

The McCain campaign said the comments were the latest shift in Obama’s position on Iraq toward his opponent’s view that troop withdrawals must be based on security conditions.

“Barack Obama is ultimately articulating a position of sustained troop levels in Iraq based on the conditions on the ground and the security of the country. That is the very same position that John McCain has long held,” said McCain spokesman Tucker Bounds.

“We welcome this latest shift in Senator Obama’s position, but it is obvious that it was only a lack of experience and judgment that kept him from arriving at this position sooner,” the campaign said in a statement.

McCain, like President Bush, has opposed a fixed schedule for withdrawing combat troops, preferring to remain until Iraq is fully secure.

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