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What About ANWR & Drilling?

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When Congress established the Alaskan National Wildlife Refuge, it set aside a very small fraction of the northern coastal tip for oil exploration and drilling.  Check the record, this is true.  So why hasn’t this been done, ten years ago?  Watch this video and understand more than perhaps you do now……


Sarah Palin, February 2008 Live C-Span Interview

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Governor Sarah Palin, attending the National Governor’s Conference back on February 24, 2008, was interviewed live on C-SPAN.  She takes several unscripted calls and emails from viewers,  including Democrats who highly praised her bi-partisan philosophy and dedication to ethics reforms.

For those of you who are not exactly enamored with Palin or unsure about her, the composure and command of the facts this lady shows will be an eye-opener.  At the end, she even fields a question about possibly being McCain’s running mate, and I think at that time, February, was a few months before the McCain campaign initially contacted her.  She betrays a little bemusement that she might be in the running.


Part One:

Part Two:

Sincere thanks for the ever-vigilant Texas Darlin’ for also posting this interview!

McCain Ups the Ante on The Republic of Georgia

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From “Cameron’s Corner” Blogg, check it out–

ARLINGTON, VA – Today, in Erie, Pennsylvania, U.S. Senator John McCain delivered the following statement regarding the current conflict between Georgia and Russia:

“Americans wishing to spend August vacationing with their families or watching the Olympics may wonder why their newspapers and television screens are filled with images of war in the small country of Georgia.  Concerns about what occurs there might seem distant and unrelated to the many other interests America has around the world.  And yet Russian aggression against Georgia is both a matter of urgent moral and strategic importance to the United States of America.

“Georgia is an ancient country, at the crossroads of Eastern Europe and Central Asia, and one of the world’s first nations to adopt Christianity as an official religion.  After a brief period of independence following the Russian revolution, the Red Army forced Georgia to join the Soviet Union in 1922.  As the Soviet Union crumbled at the end of the Cold War, Georgia regained its independence in 1991, but its early years were marked by instability, corruption, and economic crises.

“Following fraudulent parliamentary elections in 2003, a peaceful, democratic revolution took place, led by the U.S.-educated lawyer Mikheil Saakashvili.  The Rose Revolution changed things dramatically and, following his election, President Saakashvili embarked on a series of wide-ranging and successful reforms.  I’ve met with President Saakashvili many times, including during several trips to Georgia.

“What the people of Georgia have accomplished – in terms of democratic governance, a Western orientation, and domestic reform – is nothing short of remarkable.  That makes Russia’s recent actions against the Georgians all the more alarming.  In the face of Russian aggression, the very existence of independent Georgia – and the survival of its democratically-elected government – are at stake.

Written by Ridgeliner7

Tuesday, August 12, 2008 at 12:55:44 PM

Republicans See Advantages In Offshore Oil Drilling

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Republicans pack the House with tourists to make their case as polls show it could work.

The lights are dim, the mikes are off, and the television cameras dark in the US House of Representatives. But minority Republicans – sensing traction with voters on the issue of offshore drilling – aren’t giving up the floor.

Nearly 90 GOP lawmakers, about 40 percent of the Republican caucus, have come back to Washington since the House voted to adjourn on Aug. 1 to protest Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s refusal to allow a vote to lift a moratorium on offshore drilling.

“The American people deserve more access to American oil, and Congress should be in session until we vote,” said Rep. Mike Pence (R) of Indiana, speaking to a chamber half-filled with tourists, escorted by GOP lawmakers to break off their tours of the Capitol and take a seat on the floor. He urged the tourists, many of whom seemed astonished to find themselves on the floor of the US House of Representatives, to “call to a Democratic member of Congress from your state” to demand a vote.

“We were lucky to be here,” says Anjali Srivastava, exiting the floor of the House with a tour group from Lansing, Mich. The members of Congress talked about “energy and terrorism,” she said.

While tourist power may not be enough to move to a vote, Republican lawmakers say that voter power is — and that polls show that public opinion has shifted decisively their way.

“The public has clearly changed its mind about drilling,” says Peter Brown, assistant director at Quinnipiac’s Polling Institute, citing a recent poll.

A majority used to think it was not worth any potential environmental risks. The opinion seems to have changed that the nation needs to do everything, including drilling, he added.

Governor Jindal Contrasts McCain/Obama Energy Proposals

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In his first appearance on “This Week with George Stephanopoulos”, Gov. Bobby Jindal, R-Louisiana, said the recent fighting between Russia and Georgia is another reason why the U.S. needs John McCain as its next President. “I think this is another example, during these uncertain times, why we need experienced leadership,” Jindal told ABC’s Jake Tapper.

“You know, Senator Obama condemned the violence and that’s a good thing. But we need to go beyond condemning the violence and actually offering solutions,” Jindal said.

The Louisiana Governor also criticized Obama’s energy plan. He said McCain has a comprehensive approach to solving America’s energy problems while Obama “wants us to inflate our tires.”

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Voters See McCain’s Top Priority Finding More Energy

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Voters Think Obama’s Top Priority Is Reducing The Energy We Use

Latest Ramussen Reports Survey Spells Bad News For Obama

By substantial margins, voters believe that McCain’s top priority is finding new sources of energy while Obama is more focused on reducing the amount of energy we consume.  Data released yesterday shows that voters overwhelmingly believe it is more important to find new sources of energy. 67% believe McCain shares this priority while just 29% believe Obama holds that same view.

Other survey data shows that more voters trust McCain than Obama on the energy issue. Surveys also show strong public support for offshore oil drilling, a position advocated by McCain and resisted or waffled on by Obama.

The race between Obama and McCain remains very close in the Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll. Only on Iraq do voters perceive a bigger divide between Obama and McCain. On that issue, voters overwhelmingly believe that McCain is more focused on winning the War while Obama places a higher priority on getting the troops home.

On that one issue, it is Obama whose position is more in line with popular opinion 49% of voters nationwide now believe that getting the troops home is the top priority.  42% say winning the War is more important.

However, on Iraq, McCain’s position is supported by a very solid majority of Republicans and conservatives. On energy, most Democrats agree with McCain and liberal voters are evenly divided.

Also see Dick Morris and Eileen McGann’s BAD TIMES CAN BOGGLE BAM

Republicans & “Silent Majority” Finally Fired Up? Yes, It Seems….

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Over at, Sonlit is writing about a recent visit to the Hallowed Halls.  Hallowed Halls of Congress, that is…..

“I have just one message for the moonbats- be afraid, be very afraid. I haven’t seen Republicans this fired up in eons.

Today, due to the courtesy of the office of Phil Gingrey (and the help of Eeevil Conservative), I had the privilege of walking the hallowed halls of Congress to the Capitol building.

On the way, I witnessed a session of speeches in the famed Statuary Hall by Ray Blount, Marsha Blackburn, Scott Garrett, John Doolittle and others. Among the messages, that were filmed was the new address that citizens can use to voice their rage.

After about 8 or 9 of these speeches, we were allowed to actually enter into the House floor and listen to more speeches. Hundreds of supportive citizens listened to Patrick McHenry and Louie Gohmert and others give compelling-bullet proof- speeches about how not drilling, refining and using safe nuclear power makes no sense.

I called into Snooper’s Take Our Country Back show, Media Lizzy’s show and on an abbreviated impromptu Truth Warriors show.

Folks, I saw these Congresspeople up close and they get it. By the reaction of the lefties, so do they. Don’t let up. Not an inch! Pour it on! Show no mercy!”

So now it really starts.  What I warned my friends running the Obama campaign about months ago.  By abandoning their winning hand, and playing to the radical left of the Democratic Party, the “Silent Majority” has been ass-kicked into action. I know this is just one small example, but the news has been awash with hundreds of the same kind of gatherings the past three weeks.

Silly, you think?  Read the history of the 1968 election, and then go read the history of 1972 as well.  The Silent Majority are both Democrats and Republicans.  The Democrats are regular guys and gals of the Harry Truman, Jack Kennedy kind.  They love America, and they are angered and upset (and so never, not ever do they websurf there) over what they have read at the Daily Kos, Media Matters and Huffington Post. Sure they know, feel instinctively, that things aren’t right. They just disagree with the lefties at the Kos that it’s America’s fault.  They beleived in the Iraq War, just think Bush has done a piss-poor job at executing it, winning and getting the hell out of Dodge. They give Bush bad poll numbers not because they think he’s a bad man, it’s because he allowed spending to go through the roof by that bunch of drunken Sailors known as Congress…and that is why they give that bunch even lower numbers than President Bush.

The Republican members of the Silent Majority are some of those bitter citizens Barack Obama spoke of, clinging to their religion and guns.  They aren’t part of the “Religious Right”, they know the Earth is older than 5,000 years, think abortion is mostly wrong, but are smart enough to know sometimes, just sometimes, it is a necessary evil. Their God is a gentle and loving one, not a mean and vengeful one.

And now the smug, self-righteous members of the Radical Left have pissed them off…..with their attitude of entitlement, their claiming victory way too early and insulting and denigrating a genuine war hero like John McCain. They know we have vast, untapped natural resources, and don’t beleive we should be paying what the Euro’s pay for gasoline. They’ve listened to Obama talk about more and more taxes, and they are, or know people, making $150,000-250,000 with three or four kids, a mortgage and know they ain’t “rich”.  They are barely keeping their heads above water.  They don’t think its right to take someone else’s money and give it to others who haven’t earned it. They know that their ancestors came here to NOT be like Europe, or whever, and they don’t like the idea of One World, and are so proud to be citizens of America, they don’t want or care to be Citizens of the World.

So, I guess many of us owe Barack Obama a thank you.  He has done what other politicians could not do since Ronald Reagan.  He has awakened the vast majority in the middle, and their judgement on his ideas and proposals are just now beginning to be set.  McCain might not be their first choice, but he is the one who comes closest to understanding them.  And they are willing, considering the alternative, to trust yet another Republican to do what is right.  God help John McCain and his people if they screw this one up, so he better be prepared to deliver some belt-tightening.  He just needs to tell them what is needed.  They will take care of the rest, gladly sacraficing if that is what it takes to keep government out of their pockets.

Watch the polls this September and October.  You’ll see. 😉