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Obama Has Already Drafted Inaugural Speech!

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John McCain today in New Mexico:

You know what we just learned from a newspaper today that Senator Obama’s Inaugural Address is already written!

I am not making it up…I am not making it up (laughs).

An awful lot of voters are still undecided but he has decided for them.  “Well why wait it is time to move forward with my first Inaugural Address” I guess he is thinking.

My friends when I pull this thing off I have a request for my opponent: I want him to save that manuscript of his inaugural and donate it to the Smithsonian so they can put it right next to the Chicago paper that said ‘Dewey defeats Truman’.

There are ten days left in this election maybe, Barack Obama will even have his first State of the Union address ready before you head to the polls! But you know i guess i am a little old fashioned about these things — I prefer to let the voters weigh in before presuming the outcome.

What america needs is someone who will finish the race before starting the victory lap, someone who will fight to the end– and not for himself, but for his country!”


See the Obama campaign denied New York Times story here.


Written by Ridgeliner7

Saturday, October 25, 2008 at 4:29:05 PM

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