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Union Bosses Use Bully Tactics On Vulnerable Immigrants, Hourly Workers

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Across the country, working Americans face a silent campaign of harassment and intimidation at the hands of union bosses. As national labor unions rush to expand their membership and political power, organizers have coerced and deceived workers into signing binding union agreements.

The “Employee Free Choice Act”, a new law which would be more accurately called the “Employee Forced Choice Act,” threatens to dramatically expand unions’ power by depriving workers of the right to a private vote when it comes to joining a union.

Check the watchdog sites, Barack Obama gets the majority of his funding from the major unions.  Yes, of course he has endorsed and supports the unions taking away choice from working men and women in exchange for their money.

In their own words, workers who were caught in the middle of an organizing campaign describe how union representatives pressured them to sign documents they didn’t understand. Groups of union organizers harassed them outside their homes, at work, followed them to their cars, and lied about the cards they wanted signed. And when workers declined, the organizers just kept coming back, every day, for more than a year.


Written by Ridgeliner7

Wednesday, September 17, 2008 at 9:19:53 AM

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