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Palin & What The Left Now Doesn’t Want You To See

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Alaska Governor Sarah H. Palin

Alaska Governor Sarah H. Palin

NOW on PBS interviewed Alaska Governor Sarah Palin — John McCain’s running mate — about her efforts to clean up corruption in her home state in a story that aired earlier in July of 2008. Typical of the left, now they don’t advertise and use as citations anymore,  now that Palin is running with McCain.  What they formerly used to praise her, they now ignore, because it makes a lie of the slander they now spread about her.




Here is an article from the New York Times, published last July, before Sarah Palin was selected as John McCain’s running mate, and the Times started to smear her.


Those wondering just who are the people crawling out of the woodwork going after Governor Palin, might do well to check this page at the Anchorage Daily News.  It gives a pretty complete rundown on just who is who in the several corruption investigations that resulted from Sarah Palin’s whistle-blowing.  If one does the legwork, you will find the connections to those corrupt politicians that most of those talking smack about Palin have.


Written by Ridgeliner7

Sunday, September 14, 2008 at 7:10:59 PM

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