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Take A Good Look At The Radical Liberal/Leftist Obama Supporters

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In case you are very naive, or perhaps been in the remote jungles of Southeast Asia for the past several months, I present the following. It is not by any means the worst that is out there, but it captures the “flavor” of the real Internet siege we are under.  I say “we” because it is our Democracy that is being assaulted. Please don’t be so nuts, just because you haven’t personally seen such things to believe this is drama, something rare, in the extreme.  This is real, and such items number in the thousands.  Many directed, influenced, coordinated by the Obama campaign, through their “My Barack Obama Groups” and the Daily Kos. Make sure you read the comments in the “Guest Book”.  They are very indicative of comments made hourly on sites like Facebook and Digg. So take a look at the Website, “Saving Bristol” and tell me, and others what you think.

Saving Bristol

Never in history has a woman been under more pressure to keep an unwanted pregnancy than Bristol Palin. She is the teenage daughter of Alaska Governor & Vice-Presidential hopeful Sarah Palin – a conservative, Creationist Christian power-vampire and pro-life huckster who has put Bristol and her un-welcomed fetus at the center of a politico-religious crusade to stop her exercising her constitutional right to terminate the pregnancy.

Rather than sit back and impotently bemoan Bristol’s tragic, lonely circumstance, it is time for us – the silent majority – to unite behind this poor, imprisoned woman and save her from both a tyrannical household as well as the horrible nightmare of a forced childbirth.

These are not empty words. I, Doug Stanhope, am offering you, Bristol Palin, the sum of 25,000 dollars so that you can abort your child and move out of that draconian home. I have also set up a PayPal link so that others around the world can help increase this amount to ease the burden of starting out on your own at such an early age.

I was once in a similar situation where I’d accidentally impregnated a girl and she had to make that same fateful decision that now faces you. It was easy for her – she didn’t have a fascist, oligarch parent, the entire Republican Party or the sneering eyes of the Christian Right to contend with, much less a daft, puppet boyfriend who’s just waiting for the cameras to stop rolling so he can bolt like a gazelle.

We made the right choice and rather than end up bitter rivals in court battles over custody or support, we are great friends who high-five over our decision and have all the free time and disposable income that young mothers never know. I now pay it forward and offer some of that money to you.

You don’t need to ruin your future in order to support the megalomaniacal self-promotion of a mother whose every action is rooted in a demonic ego and archaic superstition. Don’t become victim of the same pressure that had your brother “volunteering” for duty in Iraq.

Please consider my offer as time is of the essence. You don’t want this child, the father certainly doesn’t want this child and the world doesn’t need another wailing mouth to feed.

I empathize with the amount of attention, pressure and possibly out-right threats you are getting to give birth against your will and I understand that at your age, you may go through with it no matter how much you don’t want to. Either way, you have inspired me to try to make a difference.

Even if you cannot take my offer, I will still use my money or money donated through this page to pay for at least one abortion for a disadvantaged teenage girl each year for the rest of my life in the name of your mother. And in my will, I shall have a good portion of my estate turned into the Sarah J Palin Abortion Fund that will help girls from all walks of life from destroying their lives and our natural resources by having children.

You are not alone, Bristol. There are many of us out here who care.

Please show Bristol you care by either donating or signing the guestbook to let her know that there is true love for her outside of her current surroundings.


“In keeping with your mother’s superstition: Have the abortion, Go to confession, Still get to heaven…win-win! After all it is your choice not the choice of those ultra right wing nut jobs.”Don, It’s a round world last time I checked

“Shimmy you’re a faggot. She doesn’t want to have the little guy. Unborn fetus DOES NOT = Living baby. Fuck me horny.”Shimmy Bitch

“i think its wrong to have a abortion. you are killing a life! and why the hell would you take money to kill a part of yourself? dont do it. support life. dont take it away!! stay strong!! and fuck the rest of this stupid ass people”Shimmy, USA


“Bristol, can I piss on you?”R. Kelly, Philly

“EBAY!”Dave, Oklahoma, USA

“Bristol, have you considered doing preggo porn? There’s a pretty lucrative fetish market out there for it. I especially like it a pregnant gal’s nipples turn really dark and the areolas get as big as hamburger buns. Man, and when her nipples start leaking milk – HEAVEN! And with that sort of cash, you can tell your mother to go fuck herself in the ass with a broken beer bottle and do what you want. But don’t forget to use cocoa butter on your belly, twice a day, to avoid stretch marks. They’re fucking disgusting and will ruin your ability to earn the really big bucks. Sometimes, the faint ones aren’t too bad. They can be covered with makeup. But the ugly red jagged ones that leave your belly looking like a big pink avocado will end any pron stardom. And before I forget, right after you give birth, it’ll be really easy to get into fisting porn. If you need any advice to help you maximize your revenue stream from fetish porn, let me know, I’d be happy to help. I’m mainly an idea man but eventually I’d like to direct. Call me. Caio.”Juan, Los Estados Unidos

“Get me the fuck out of here!!”Bristol Palin’s Unborn Child, The Womb

“ummm i am bristol and i want to keep my baby… just like that madonna song… stop the hate dicks”dickshit, usa

“If I’d have know my idiot son would take up half the page, I would have slow roasted the fucker right on the hanger.” LL Cool J’s mother, Jamaica Queens

“Bristol should have the baby. Then give it to her mother to raise. “Here y’go, Mom – you wanted me to have it – you raise the fucking thing! Can I get a divorce now?””Leo Sasquatch, Scotland

“Cheer up Bristol! At least you mom’s not a blood thirsty reptilian Satanist…..oh wait….nevermind! Just remember….the little fucker will be dead inside anyway. “Dustin Payton, United States

“Bristol and her siblings Blanket, Spaghetti, Foot Stool and SlingShot should go away…..FOR EVER!”Aborted Fetus Collector, Here and There

“Just have the baby like they want you to, but never let the kid forget how unwanted it is! Parental resentment is the gift that keeps on giving!”Maren, USE I mean USA

“do us all a favor Bristol ,fall off the face of the planet with your man looking mother. Even if you don’t abort the baby at least let your mom raise it as your brother/sister…thats what country people would do right? No one cares about you. You are no different than the millions of other unwed teens in the world. “Nicci, USA

“Ah, so that is what the song is about: Verse 1 I know a fat girl, she wears a orange skirt You give her twenty dollars and you can do work She’ll take food stamps and a traveller’s cheque Because her hair and her face and her life’s a wreck She wears a bright blonde wig, some high heeled pumps She’s down in the dumps so she’s sellin’ her rump She’s a hot little momma and she works every day If you wanna pay to play, here’s where she stays She’s at the… Chorus (Bristol Hotel) Room 515 (The Bristol Hotel) Where that at? (Jamaica, Queens!) Verse 2 I seen her standin’ there, slutty as could be Offering the putty for a itty-bitty fee Every red light she’ll come over to your ride Or she’s standin’ in the doorway tellin’ you to come inside The Bristol Hotel, cos it ain’t no thing And her meat tastes better than Burger King Japanese executives in three-piece suits Glasses all foggy when they come in the place The girlies in the Bristol, they’re all in cahoots He fell asleep and got robbed, and cold chumped his face at the… Repeat chorus Verse 3 Party people check the story cos the story is I’ll It’s the story of two men, one Harold, one Bill They went inside the Bristol on a Saturday night Harold was cool but Bill felt uptight The girlies made attempts but Harold played it cool “Never ever rush, that’s the golden rule I been comin’ to the Bristol’s ten years of my life A-yo, what the hell? Yo, man that’s my wife!” (The…) Repeat chorus Verse 4 You see, a Bristol girl is a one of a kind And if you know her good enough she won’t make you stand on line She’ll let you inside, make you pay for the ride Take off her pants and then it smells like somebody died You say “What the heck”, because you already paid Not knowin’ that the guy that went before you had AIDS Bang bang boogie, she was so amusin’ Next week you’re at the clinic gettin’ blood transfusions At the… Repeat chorus (The Bristol Hotel) (till fade) “LL Cool J, Jamaica Queens

“Suck that motherfuckers brains out, break its legs and then throw it on top of your refrigerator!”Peejoe Hunchabunch, USA

“Bristol, honey…I think you misunderstood that newspaper headline that said “Bristol is full of sea men.” Next time, do like the Bush twins, and just go down on “Hot” Karl Rove and “Little” Dick Cheney.”Boner Simpson, Alaska

“Jesus died for your sins and your fetus can too! Send it back to heaven right now before it’s too late. “dave, Gitmo

“Have the baby….then sell it on ebay!!”Philip Oliver-Holz, USA

“Please donate to help this poor girl.”Blake, AMERICA

“Bristol, you can tell that your boyfriend is a Republican…he never knows when to pull out. You need to follow your mother’s example next time. Have a bunch of old, shrivelled up Republicans enjoy a nice bukake party with you. Feel feel to borrow one of Rudy Guiliani’s dresses. Hell, if you are lucky, maybe that transvestite Anne Coulter will honor you with a big load all over your chubby cheeks! Oh wait…this is the Republican party. You may need to do this in an airport men’s room in Minnesota, and pretend you are a young boy.”Hugh G. Rection, US

“Do you want to raise a child you will grow to resent because of your cock-sucking mom….or do you want to have a life and decide when the time is right for you to have a baby. Hard decisions seperate the strong from the cowardly. Jjust because you mom takes it in the ass doesn’t mean you have to. If you want to keep it because that’s what YOU want…then good for you. But don’t keep this baby because your mom is a recycled douche bag from a homeles shelter. Make your own choices. And make the ones best for you. Fuck everyone else. Including me.”The Handler, USA

“Do it Bristol. You don’t want to have another tard baby like you did before…I mean like your punch drunk cunt of a mother! P.S. It could prob be used as good fishing bait up there!”Carpo, U.S.A.

“Bristol, you and your baby-daddy both know you should have swallowed that child. Doug’s offering you an out. Take it. And tell that pig the lipstick doesn’t help.”Big Wes, USA

“I have no money, but I’ll take the blame if Sarah points the finger at me for “pushing” her down the stairs. Save us all some money!”JY, USA

“Or you could name it “Palin’s Pedophilia Prevention Program”….Pedophiles can’t molest an aborted fetus…well… it’s possible, however, I haven’t seen anything on fetus fucking in the news lately.”Chad Landers, U.S.A.

“In keeping with your mother’s superstition: Have the abortion, Go to confession, Still get to heaven…win-win! After all it is your choice not the choice of those ultra right wing nut jobs.”Don, It’s a round world last time I checked

“C’mon Bristol you think that guys really gonna stick with you once you have a blown out baby head sized vag? abort! Abort! ABORT!”Andrew, USA

“Nothing says freedom like an aborted fetus…”Faaz, Holland

“abort that little bastard or send it to Iraq…. “roy, USA

“Bristol, I want you to get pregnant with/immediately abort my baby. Stay strong. Much love from Baltimore.”Jason, Baltimore

“Just as some poor children are forced to keep their babies when they don’t want to, others need to be urged to make a smart choice for them. I applaud the fund, and only wish I could get pregnant so I could abort my child.”Dwar, USA

“Babies scare me. Dead babies make me laugh. You know what to do. hehe”Pepper, England…I think…

“Abortions – Thats Hot.”Katie, USA

“It’s legal killing! What more could you ask for? You’ll never get an adrenaline rush like that again. Ever.”Ben, You know where

“”””Dennis O’Brien, US

“”Cara McKinney, US

“Abort that fetus! You can always make another baby but you can’t get back those “threesome” years.”Steve Croyle, USA

“This is why I love you, Doug. FRRRRRRRRRRRUNKISS!”murch, Oregon

“Take a Limo to the clinic or take a taxi to the hospital, your choice! Ride with style!”King of Mooses, Alaska

“I’m jealous you have the option.”Lindsey, Iran

“I agree that she should get an abortion, not oly because she doesnt want the baby, but shes hot and it will ruin her body FOREVER.”bill brown, wanatah, indiana

“I’ll do better than donate…I’ll fly out there and kick you in the stomach, in the name of freedom, of course. “Casey, USA

“Keep it and club it as if it were a baby seal. That would give the right a large serving of their come up ins.”nathan, U.S.

“Right on! Lets help this young woman free herself from a life of certain depression. GET HER AWAY FROM HER MOTHER!”I. M. M., Minnesota, USA

“Doug, I will kill you if she aborts. And no, I don’t see the irony.”Bill O’Reilly, USofA

“WOW that was awesome i gotta say pro choice has never seemed sooo obviously the right thing. saying that good stuff i hope you make the right choice little palin”Ray, Canada

“Doug you have gone too far with this one. I didn’t think you could top yourself. Keep reaching for those aborted stars!”Nathan Lund, USA

“Stanhope For Prez 2012!”Chris, United States

“Although I’m al in favor of kick-starting abortions (good thing pregnant women ain’t that fast), I’m confused. Aren’t McCain/Palin elected the best guarantee for more people killed? Globally. Why aim at one fetus in Alaska when, if you guys play your cards right, everybody dies? Any idea how that would benefit the worlds natural resources? … Btw, you state ‘where I’d accidentally impregnated a girl’. Shouldn’t that be ‘surprisingly’? “YellaDawg, The Netherlands

“Honey glaze, I support your right to choice, quality choice. Besides, if it weren’t for Planned Parenthood, I don’t think I’d ever have survived a winter up here.”Stew Meats, USA

“abort abort abort abort! we do not need anymore unwanted children!”dre vicious, USA

“I support your choice and if need be… I have a picket fence which means I could have many, many, many steaks to battle your family with!”Denis, USA ( home of the free??? )

“You’re a genius, Stanhope!! I dont know why they canceled Man Show Version 2.0. Oh yeah… sucked.”Mike Few, Buttswanna

“Im with you doug! Lets help her out!!”Christopher, U.S.A U.S.A U.S.A!!!!!!!!!!!!

“I will offer two tickets to Wrestlemania and a year supply of Strawberry Nestle Quick if Bristol is willing to terminate this unborn lamb of god.”Old Man Factory, Minnesota

“I aborted a half pound of bile and bacteria out of my ass, then i ate it. “Rin Tin Tin, USA

“I remember my first child. The little nose, the thin hair. The cute way it seemed he was dancing when you shook the jar up. Ah, those were the days. Little Simon Sno-Globe Fetus Freedom. Word to the wise, glass isn’t that durable when you check luggage.”Jack Freedom, America F.Y!.

“I EAT BABIES!!!!!”Letta Williams, Icelandic Hut

“I’ll gladly contribute half for ANYONE who wants to have an abortion.”BLL, USA

“This cloud background is so soothing. I once thought of going to the abortion clinic and charging the pro-lifers to keep my “baby”. But I was too lazy so oh well. “susan, usa

“The only thing better than buying booze for teenagers is buying them a trip to the Freedom Vacuum. I salute you Doug Stanhope, true American!”Dave Saleh, USA

“Hey Bristol, there is a very good chance that you will squirt out a tardo like your sister Sarah…I mean your mom (wink, wink, nudge, nudge). Mono…that’s adorable!”Jason James, The Country God Cheers For!

“Before you make your final decision, Bristol, I think it’s very important to consider the obvious fact that retard babies do run in your family… “Brenda, USA

“Once you have a kid your life is OVER. Have an abortion before the right to have control over your uterus is taken away!”Kat, USA

“Next time take it in the ass. Don’t you know that’s REALLY how Republicans are born??!!”Kate Davis, America-Fuck Yeah

“Count me in for 10 bucks,the little Demon child must DIE!”mauser johnson, usa

“Did Bristol SAY she doesn’t want this baby?? You people are nuts. In response to an earlier post, about Republicans will kill bears and wolves but not an unborn baby…interesting that Dems will kill unborn babies but not wolves and bears…what is this world coming to? “Jane, USA

“i want to be you moms lewinsky so bad, ill even wear a blue dress and she could come all over it”philip again

“You do not exist for the glorification of your progenitors. “Stullberg, USA

“Take stanhopes money, then sell the wretched lil squirm on ebay…”philip

“I’ll donate 5000 dollars if I can have the fetus.”Boyd Wright, United States

“I will definitely be shoving this around to different message boards. Not only is abortion a good option, but it should be illegal for a crazy ass right winger to procreate at any age.”Anthony, The cock hanging off the USA (Florida)

“alaska is still part of the united states, make the right choice while you still have the chance… it could be the very last one you make with some importance to your future.”Jeff Davis, United States

“Please consider this opportunity to end it all for your bastard kid. Realistically it’s cheaper to get a slightly used kid from the orphanage and the church will love you more for it. “Christian Ernst, US mo-fucking A

“Wah da tah, my damie.”Pootie Tang, USA

“This baby is yours Doug!”Bristol Palin, United States of Alaska

“Trust me…it feels great to kill a baby…DO IT!!!lol”Nick, Texas USA

“Make the choice that feels right to you and no-one else.”R.T.B, UNamerican

“It’s not too late for a little Spring cleaning. Get rid of unnecessary earth-clutter now, before it becomes a shit-monster with a social security number.”Duane M, USA

“This type of wit is why I consider Doug the lead conductor in the living choir of discord. Thanks, man.”Scott, Texas

“I support your free choice 100% and would offer a donation but I have three tiredless mouths to feed. Some choices haunt you for years and years and years and years……”vance farrell, u.s.

“fuck what everyone else thinks, do what the fuck you want…. its your life, and you have to live with your decisions long after everyone whos telling you what to do is dead…. becides, you can always have kids later. dont grow up too fast, getting old sucks so live it up”matt, usa

“Abortion Now! Not Shake the Baby Later!”David, USA

“Bristol… my thighs just fell asleep. That’s what happens when you’re SO OLD. My point is…you’re young…sorry, what were we talking about? I want to do your mom in the throat box.”John McCain, US {pow} of A

“I support you choice, you have the right to make decisions pertaining to your own body! So make the right choice and abort now, because America is over crowded and the last thing we need is another child raised in a Republican household.”Jennifer, USA

“I will stand behind you Bristol!”Roland A. Duby, usa

“A very wise man once said, “Take one in the fanny, save money on a nanny.””J, Am-urica

“Falling down a flight of stairs is like the baby’s first steps. “Alex, US and A

“Bristol, whatever YOU choose I support, however I dont support the efforts of your narrow minded, douche bag,dumbass cunt of a mother trying to take our freedoms and choices away!!! Sarah Palin stay in Alaska where the fuck you belong please dont disgrace our fine city, Bush has done enough of that already!!!!!!”Eric, MARYLAND

“Technically, every sperm cell is a human life……… at least, potential human life, just like an egg is a potential human life. At the very least, you have to realize that the whole ‘conception’ thing is horseshit, because a sperm cell is a potential life. So is a carbon chain. How far should we take this, down to the string theory? Do whatever you want to do folks, because there is no way to stop a man from letting millions of sperm cells die each day, multiply that by the male population of the world, and see where you are at. Or, try the same with carbon chains. Doug, good idea. But we have to make sure she sees the offer.”Alex, USA

“Doug said it all. If your not ready, then do what is needed. “James, USA

“Please don’t make more of your kind that’s not fair to the rest of us.”OGtravis, US

“I think it is immoral,unethical, and plain wrong all the way around to belong to a group or party who feels the need to mandate their personal morals based on thier faith to the rest of the nation. Not every one believes the same as you. I dont believe in sexism or bigotry which christianity supports. If you dont believe gays should marry then dont marry one. If you dont believe in abortion dont have one, but Dont tell me what to do! If you want to get married and have youre child thats youre choice but know You have less then a twenty percent chance of a successfull marrige with youre teenage boyfriend, statistically speaking. All the money the conservitives have poored into abstinance progams has statistically failed even for the daughter of one!”Scott Anders, U.S.A.

“Jesus will love you no matter what you decide. If you are old enough to get pregnant, you are an adult in the eye of the lord. Make your own decision.”Suzanna, USA

“Gitter done Bristol. Kill the baby… kill the baby…”Robert Nelson Lynn II, U.S.A.

“This country is so deep in the toilet, it’s hard to give a shit about anything anymore. Drill, baby drill!”Buck Futtner, 9/11

“I have a very tall steep staircase if you like, or I am also willing to donate the hanger I use in tough situations….please call me, my whole house hold is rooting for your lose!~XOXO”Corin, US

“Next time swallow. “Chad, USA

“Can’t she just drink a lot and make the fetus abort itself. That way it’s God’s will and everyone will be happy. Then she will be open for me to re-impregnate again. “Slappy White, USA

“Vote McCain and be crucified at judgement day said thou lord 10,000 years ago, yeah, god talked to me and told me to vote for Obama.”Matt, USA

“Oddly enough, I aborted an unwanted pregnancy even though my mother was running on the Republican ticket for VP. If I can do it, so can you!”John, The United States of Abortion

“Personally, I wish I had the power to abort a fetus. Being a guy, I’m stripped of this awesome pleasure. On a serious note, if people weren’t fucking nutty and accepted that they don’t have any parenting skills, we’d have a lot less societal problems (IE Population growth, poverty, crime, black people, etc.) YAY ABORTION!!!!”Joe, California, US

“I volunteer my coat hanger”Reverend Clint, USA


“25000 bucks?! Do you know how many wet-dry shop-vaccuums that can buy? Enough to take out a whole potential generation!”Scott Glasspool, Antarctica

“If only your mom supported easily available birth control and comprehensive sex ed programs you might not be knocked up! That must have been embarassing standing hand in hand with the guy who slimed his way into your panties for the whole world to see during the RNC!”Jonathan Snyder, The people’s republic of Colorado

“May mother earth bless Stanhope and your decision should you flush whatever living or non-living tissue that you want out of YOUR body. Always remember: It’s your body, do whatever you want with it. And fuck all that tell you differently. If god didn’t want you to abort, let him or her tell you over the phone, or at least leave a message on your machine.”Scott Weiss, What the hell am I doin’ in Jersey, USA

“Doug, where the fuck were you when I had to take food and gas money to pay for abortions?!? Glad you are setting up this fund for any knocked up broad who can’t afford it. Keep up the good work!”Danielle, United States

“Bristol. Sorry I have put you in this position. It must be hard on you. But in my defense, I couldnt pull out. it felt too good. Vacuum that devil child out of that filthy box of yours!!!!!!!”Will The Trill, USA

“It’s not a walk of shame, when you leave the “shame” in the dumpster…”Gov, USA

“Bristol, I applaude your “choice” to get fucked and cast at least a little doubt on your grossly under-qualified, nazi, wretched cunt of a mother. Bravo. “Karen, Divided States of Embarrassment

“I know a Chinese herbalist who would love to have that fetus in a jar on his top shelf.”Jeremy, Zaire

“At seventeen I too knocked up my girlfriend, without dealy or a word of hesitation we got an abortion and life has been great ever since. Later she started dating a homeless guy and has since had his child, but the important thing is that it was her choice to do so and that I’m not listlessly ricocheting from one dead-end job to the next scrounging from diapers and piss-yellow Gerber paste. There are too many fucking mouth-breathers choking this planet as is Bristol, you shouldn’t be coerced into squeezing out another for policy consistency. “Christopher Johnston, USA

“Wouldn’t it be ironic if the baby comes out half black? “Jerry, United States

“your unwanted fetus is almost as qualified for the republican VP nomination as your mother. do the world a favor and abort both of them. “muchacho, United States


“Obama in 08!”timmy2kx, U.S.

“”muchacho, United States

“Get the abortion, go on with your life. You have plenty of time after you go to college or get a job to raise a family. It’s not fair to cap your life off at 18. Not to you or your boyfriend. I feel sorry for you. “Eve, USA

“I’m finding myself extremely attracted to the brunette in the red dress sitting next to Bristol. I’d like to slide my penis between her warm, soft thighs and into her moist, wet box of pink. Am I weird, just horny or both?”Rockwriter, United States

“Do it now, before your mom’s running mate overturns Roe v. Wade!”Geoff B., United Snakes of America

“According to Sarah Palin (and god, apparently) it’s fine to kill bears and wolves for fun, but not to terminate an unwanted foetus… I hope you can find the strength to resist your planned shotgun birth.”Owen, UK

“Bristol – Take the money. Do what you couldn’t do for your first child… I mean, brother.”Tricia, USA

“bristol, want revenge? you will… and when you do, I’m here for you… always remember – porn is a super way to express that rage.”Shane Bugbee, USA

“Listen gal…. you are in a privledged position… just like many people have mused in the past as to travelling back in time and killing Hitler for the sake of all he hurt…. you my dear Bristol could abort your unwanted child…. relieve yourself of the imprisonment of being a teenage mother and halt the rapid rise of an egomaniac into a political system already saturated with them…. abort and ruin the Rebulicans rise… just think if that mad-man Mcain dies (he is 72) then your lunatic mother will be trying to make many other girls, much less priveledge than you endure your turmoil…. and she’ll have that wagging fuckin finger of hers on the button… do the right thing… grab the hover”Robert Walker, Uk

“Kill your baby and your Pig in lipstick mothers false career.”B@stard, England


“follow your heart, straight to the abortion clinic.”lucas, usa

“Bristol, after we have removed that uncomfortable growth from your uterus, I would be happy to help you in your new life. In fact, to build your confidence in your new resolution, I would gladly supply my own endless seed so that you can have abortion after abortion, further distancing yourself from the insane right wing and your sick, sick mother. In the bed, the car, even the occasional movie theater, my unclad member thrusting warm into every orifice on your body, shooting my gooey fountain of cum-juice into every bodily cavity. We’d hold hands and walk down to the clinic, basking in the freedom earned by your dead brother and the grenade he jumped on. Forget promise rings sweetie, lets hit Vegas.”Doyle, USA!

“This is a great thing you are doing Stanhope. Yes, 25,000 dollars is a lot of money. But one less conservative in the world is priceless”Ryan C, USA

“What happened did he say one of the following lines? “Don’t worry honey I’ll pull out at the last second” Or Gee honey I was going to pull out but the phone rang and it startled me””Frank H, USA

“Bristol, do whatever the hell you want. If you decide “fuck what mom says,” then good for you. Ball’s in your court. Baby’s in YOUR stomach, ain’t it? Keep your eyes peeled for the new documentary about Margaret Sanger, of the first proponents of abortion and birth control!”Max, USA

“Thank god for abortion Now I can buy that HD TV I wanted, 52 inches”Frank H, USA

“Jesus Loves You! No More Silent Screams! Does your baby get poked in the head by your baby’s daddy?”Vegas702, USA

“We already have enough hockey playing redneck douche bags in the world. “Chris cubas, USA

“If I’m a reporter and I get to interview Sarah Palin, my first question: “Does abstinence only sex education work?””Brian, USA USA USA USA USA

“You’re mom is a lunatic. Live your life.”Matt Tate, UNITED STATES

“May whatever god your going to piss-off bless you. Even if a law and much of America are against abortion, there’s never been a law against falling down a flight of stairs. Just say…….. Bristol, whatever choice your mother and the rest of right-wing America is going to make for you, please post your abortion or birth on youtube. In the words of Paris Hilton, “that be hot!””Adam, USA / Denver, CO

“”Timothy M. Malnar, U.S.

“I made the choice to abort and got a free stay at the Marriot. Its all good.”liz, usa

“this is such a great outpouring of charity and goodwill! only in america! enjoy your rights before your mom gets elected to be part of an administration that will do its best to shit on what’s left of ’em.”josh, new jersey

“Sarah Palin said that Bristol made that “decision” as a family. What’s another word for “decision.” Hmmm… lemme think. Oh yea. CHOICE. Oddly enough, something she wants to take away. Keep the choice alive!”Dan, USA

“I want to open a Planned Parenthood/Planned Pizza joint. Free breadsticks with every abortion! And don’t forget about mystery meat Tuesday!”Tommy Two-times, USA

“Bristol, I so support your “choice” to keep the baby and marry the hockey player. Of course, if it was up to your douchbag, bug eyed, salmon vagina smelling mother you wouldn’t have that choice! “Nate, US fucking A


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  1. […] Go­­­ h­e­re­ to­­­ s­e­e­ th­e­ o­­­ri­gi­na­l­: T­ake A G­o­­o­­d­­ L­o­­o­­k At&#1… […]

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