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Obama’s Caucus Fraud Trick: How The Delegates Were Stolen

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How can the Democratic Delegates to the Denver Convention Ignore This evidence?

Texas Darlin is blowing the roof off of a massive fraud being uncovered. Seems Obama’s campaign has committed a massive fraud with the Democratic Caucus system.  This whole deal will, in a campaign of stunning deals and deceits on Obama’s part, still stun you!

“The delegates know, all too well, that Barack Obama edged out Hillary Clinton in the pledged delegate count largely due to his victories in caucus states. Obama won 13 out of 14 caucuses, but only 18 out of 39 primaries. 42% of Obama’s wins were caucus states, 95% of Clinton’s wins were primary states.

The Delegates also know that Hillary Clinton was the popular-vote winner. Obama supporters take issue with that conclusion, complaining that there is no way to count the popular vote turn-out in caucus states.

But it’s no mystery why some of the caucus states, such as Texas and Washington, which also held primaries, saw completely mis-matched results.

Obama really needed those caucus wins, didn’t he? And what was his effective caucus strategy?

FRAUD. The caucus fraud reports are coming out now, and spreading like wildfire. There is no way for Obama to hide from them.

Blogger AnnieNYC posted on Tuesday half of the reports from one city alone, El Paso, and it’s staggering! These are official incident reports. My blog format won’t let me display the full images, so go to AnnieNYC’s site and check them all out. It’s a must-read.”

See also this rather large documentation.

And it seems Obama is looking to change the system, so no one else can stop another from stealing a nomination in the future….perhaps block Hillary Clinton in the future?  LOOK HERE.

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