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When A “Cease Fire” Isn’t…

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BREAKING NEWS — Explosions can be heard near the Georgian city of Gori as a Russian troop withdrawal appears to be in collapse.

The Georgian Foreign Ministry says more Russian troops have moved into the city of Gori after a withdrawal had appeared to be under way earlier in the day.

Ministry spokeswoman Nato Chikovani said Thursday that Russian troops also moved into the Black Sea oil port city of Poti, from which they had appeared to leave earlier.

“Just a few minutes ago they (Russians) entered Poti in tanks,” a shipping agent told Reuters by telephone. “Some of the guys have blue signs, badges, which means they should be peacekeepers.”

Russian and Georgian soldiers briefly confronted each other at a checkpoint on the outskirts of Gori around midday. Russian tanks hurried to the scene to force the Georgians to back off.

August 14, 2008 @ 5:52 AM, EDT

A look at the six points in the French-brokered Russia-Georgia cease-fire pact, spelled out Wednesday by European Union foreign ministers:

— No recourse to the use of force.

— A lasting cessation of hostilities.

— Unfettered access for humanitarian aid providers.

— Georgian forces must withdraw to their usual barracks.

— Russian forces must go back to positions they held prior to the outbreak of hostilities. Pending an international peace monitoring mechanism, Russian peacekeepers will take additional security measures.

— Launch of international discussions on security and stability arrangements for Abkhazia and South Ossetia.

News item:

GORI, Georgia  ( AFP ) — Separatist fighters and Russian troops looted and set homes ablaze in Georgia on Wednesday amid mutual recriminations over breaches of a truce that ended five days of bitter conflict.

A day after the truce was brokered by France, Russia faced mounting criticism in the West for its military offensive and US President George W. Bush demanded that Russian troops withdraw from Georgia.

Russian armoured vehicles patrolled Gori, the flashpoint Georgian town between the capital and South Ossetia, the breakaway Georgian region at the centre of the conflict.

Hundreds of South Ossetian rebels with some Russian army personnel went house-to-house in villages near Gori. They torched homes and looted buildings, witnesses said.

Human Rights Watch said its researchers in South Ossetia had “witnessed terrifying scenes of destruction in four villages that used to be populated exclusively by ethnic Georgians.”

Russian tanks have blocked the main highway connecting the rebel region of South Ossetia with the rest of Georgia, the Georgian Foreign Ministry said.

  • UPDATE: Videos of Russians bombing port city Poti,  Georgia, AFTER the cease fire! Footage comes after Secretary Rice’s statement




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