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Obama: The Manchurian Candidate?

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From Larry Johnson @ No Quarter:

August 9, 2008

“Just today, courtesy of the Rocky Mountain News, we confirmed that Barack aka Barry Soetoro Obama was a citizen of Kenya since 1963. Barack has yet to stipulate when he renounced or relinquished that citizenship. That will be a distracting issue in the upcoming campaign. Americans don’t want to elect a Kenyan as President. It is that simple.

But then there is the Indonesian problem and his Hawaiian birth certificate.
I confirmed today that several teams/individuals visited Jakarta during the last six months to gather up critical documents regarding Barack. It is amazing what money can buy. The information includes details of how Barack made his way to Pakistan. Oh! Did I mention there have been similar efforts underway in Pakistan. There are several lessons and warnings in the John Edwards affair for Obama. First and foremost, you cannot hide your past.”

FromThe Real Barack Obama:

“To that blank slate that was Obama in 2004 you can now add the Pandora’s box of Tony Rezko, Allison Davis, Alexi Giannoulias, Kwame Kilpatrick and a long list of members of the Illinois Combine; Nadhmi Auchi, Aiham Alsammarae, Rashid and Mona Khalidi, and Edward Said; Revs. Jeremiah Wright, James Meeks, and Otis Moss III and Father Michael Pfleger; Louis Farrakhan, the Nation of Islam and the 1995 Million Man March; Malik Zulu Shabazz and the New Black Panther Party; William Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn, Marilyn Katz, Carl Davidson, Mike Klonsky and others from the SDS days who are clinging to his coat tails; Jodi Evans; Hamas and other admirers like Hugo Chavez, Fidel Castro, Muammar al-Gaddafi, Kim Jong-Il, and the Communist Party USA; and the list goes on.
Let’s not forget the ever-growing list of controversies: Rezko house and lot; lobbyists, bundlers, and overseas contributions; Odinga family and violence in Kenya; Soetero family and Muslim schooling in Indonesia; Dunham family in Kansas and Hawaii; and the mysteries of his birth certificate—is he Barry Soetero? Barack Obama Jr. or someone else and was his name ever legally changed?—and rumors about his possible dual or mixed citizenship.
Oh, we cannot leave out his elitism and mention of “bitter” Americans and “typical white” people like his grandmother and the constant playing of the race card when his campaign or poll numbers were slipping downward, not to omit 18 million Democratic voters who will never forget how he treated Sen. Hillary Clinton throughout the campaign and how, with the help of the DNC elite and his brownshirted acolytes, he stole the Democratic primary.
Silly reporter. You just had to ask, didn’t you?”

From Goodtimepolitics, “Democrats candidate healthcare, Economic plan”:

August 10, 2008
“Barack Obama plan with a trillion dollar tax increase on America’s hard working families.
Senator Barack Obama’s bold plans to spend hundreds of billions on national health care, infrastructure, education, and energy? Put another way, how likely is it that the plans now being spelled out on the campaign trail will actually come to pass? In two words, not very.
So why make promises that you can not keep Obama?  People did you hear, Obama is just talking and there is no way that he can do any of the things he’s says.  Add on the inexperience and you have a useless candidate in Barack Obama.”

Please note that TexasDarlin, a key PUMA (Hillary Clinton) Democrat, oringinally published many like items and investigatory results on her own blog. You should check it out and bookmark it HERE.


4 Responses

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  1. This stuff is just silly.

    Yes, I met Obama in 1995, along with some ACORN ladies, for less than an hour. I later lobbied him to spend some state money on learning centers with computers for inner city kids, which he did. I was one of several inviting him to speak at our first antiwar rally, but never talked to him that day. A little later, I said hello to him at a fundraiser for his senate race for two minutes.

    That the complete total of my ‘connections’.

    I’m an ‘acquaintance,’ not a ‘friend’ and if he even remembers my name at all, it’s because of bugging him to spend money on the learning centers.

    Today I run ‘Progressives for Obama’, a web site completely independent of him. We distance ourselves from him, and he can do likewise. Technically, we don’t even endorse him; we simply say he’s our ‘best option.’ So there’s no need for him to reject what’s not there. We do want people to vote for him, mainly as a way to end this horrible, unjust and stupid war. But we criticize him on many things all the time

    But if you look out there in rightwing cyberspace, I’m the dreaded ‘terrorist’ and ‘Communist Mentor’ responsible for shaping the ‘Marxist Obama.’ I kid you not.

    And this crap gets bounced around as ‘Research’ and ‘Fox-Hannity truth.’ Spare me. These guys have such tiny brains that they wouldn’t know serious research or polemic if they saw it.

    With my trusty Google, and six degrees of separation, I can show ‘connections’ between these author and advocates of Biblical slavery and worse, and it would mean just as much.

    What they really want to do is ‘Willie Hortonize’ the entire 1960s new left, which number in the millions, and ‘demonize’ them to shut them up.

    He doesn’t even bother to ask the most interesting questions. Why is Bill Ayers a widely respected educator and school reformer, acknowledged and defended by even Mayor Daley, despite his over-the-top politics of 40 years ago? Or why Mike Klonsky is respected enough to be a voice on national commissions on prevent school violence? The irony is that none of these guys, including me, could give a hoot if Obama ‘throws them under the bus,’ because it’s not about us, and never has been.

    Here, we’re only scary, carefully made-up cartoons, with little connection with who we really are, designed to scare gullible people, to play all of you as suckers, and some of you are falling for it.

    I’ve been part of the real Chicago left for decades, and believe me, Obama has never been part of it. He’s a decent reformist liberal with ideas far removed from socialism or Marxism.

    Obama is a ‘high road’ industrial policy capitalist and multipolar globalist–just read his Cooper Union speech a while back. Clinton is a garden-variety corporate liberal capitalist, which got her on the board of Walmart for years. And McCain is a US hegemonist and an unreconstructed neoliberal capitalist–‘state all evil, market all good’–that kind that says ‘We’re in business to make money, not steel, so we’ll gut these plants and speculate in oil futures, and the workers and towns be damned.’ In other words, the ones who ‘cut taxes’ by putting everything on the China Visa card and got us into this mess.

    Actually, truth be told, Obama’s brand of capitalism is best for productive businesses, as opposed to many speculators, and does least harm to the working class. That doesn’t mean we can’t press him to be better at it, as in promoting and building infrastructure for new green businesses and green jobs for youth. All those solar panels and wave and wind turbines have to be built somewhere by someone.

    If you want to criticize him, all this stuff is fair game, that is, if you want to get out of the nasty-name calling of the kindergarten sandbox and learn enough to play with the big kids, let alone the grownups.

    What really almost funny, is that Obama has real mentors, two very tough, accomplished, liberal African American women, Valerie Jarrett and Susan Rice, but since you can make a red-baiting cartoon out of them, they go down you memory hole. Fortunately, even people on the right don’t like being played for suckers with your kind of manipulations, and the ripples aren’t going very far.

    But watch out, since some enterprising soul–not me, since I’m opposed to it–may turn the tables and start finding your ‘connections’!


    Monday, August 11, 2008 at 8:15:33 AM

  2. I want you to be aware that the article: “The Manchurian Candidate” quotes two blogs– ; and

    Both of these are dealing with Obama’s citizenship, dual citizenship, of lack thereof. I do not see what we have up going into anything about you, other than them listing your name as a former SDS- time period person on the left who somehow, someway, has an association with Obama. But I do not see anything in the material that should (in and of itself) merit so many words and seeming concern.

    As for your “non-threat” threat, it is typical of the far-left. What they disagree with politically, they shout down. If that fails, violence, bombings, personal attacks follow. What college campus is free from fascist-acting left wingers greeting those they disagree by shouting them down, disrupting the event? So please pass on to those “others” my invitation to bring it!

    It appears to me you deny nothing except to label the reports from other blogs as “silly”, while soft-pedaling your own Marxist leanings and saying your fellow travelers aren’t really Obama mentors or even friends, which is clearly not the truth.


    Monday, August 11, 2008 at 11:14:52 AM

  3. He say that he been part of the Chicago far left, and that Obama hasn’t…well thats just one of the lies this person is telling… This is just one of those blow hards that would lay down in a mud hole for Obama to walk across his back to keep from mudding his shoes. Obama joined Jeremiah Wrights church so as to be connected with the far left liberals. He will have to do better than that to convince this small town clinging to my gun bitter America..or at least thats what Obama says! The first thing I smell wrong is his being so against Fox news…tells me he is a far left MSNBC liberal nut!


    Monday, August 11, 2008 at 12:53:22 PM

  4. If you have time check out this post I just made. I have been having a hard time including my URL’s so will do it with the URL and the title without the url. Read this and you will see that carldavidson is trying to say that Obama is not far left liberal for a reason, the American people does not want a far left liberal socialist like Obama for president! My post: Obamas Socialist Connections


    Monday, August 11, 2008 at 1:44:13 PM

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