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Obama Partisans Bludgeon Clinton Bid To End Caucuses

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The Los Angeles Times is reporting:

Hillary Rodham Clinton loyalists tried Saturday to kill off the caucus system that proved so damaging to her presidential bid, but were firmly beaten back by a Democratic Party leadership firmly under the command of Barack Obama.

Democrats who supported Clinton’s candidacy pushed to amend the new party platform so that caucuses would be banned in future presidential nominating contests.

But the party’s platform committee refused to allow the amendment to come up for a vote or even a discussion. Co-chair Patricia Madrid, a former New Mexico attorney general, said the matter would instead be taken up at later date by the party’s Rules Committee.

That left Clinton supporters disappointed. They contend that if the party were serious about enfranchising more voters, it would take a clear position against a caucus system that discourages participation by shift workers, the disabled and overseas members of the military. In traditional primaries, people have all day to vote. But a caucus might last just a few hours.

Among the Democratic activists serving on the committee, there were also signs of a split.

Lynn Forester de Rothschild, the head of a private holding company and a member of the committee, took the microphone after the caucus amendment was defeated to register a protest.

After the meeting, she said she still hasn’t made up her mind about whether to vote for Obama because she doesn’t “understand how a person comes to the U.S. Senate and — before they’ve done one thing there — decides they can be president.”

“I have serious questions about Barack Obama and what the Democratic Party is doing,” she said. “I have serious issues with Barack Obama.”

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The Atlantic on Obama’s Platform Theme.


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Saturday, August 9, 2008 at 9:06:40 PM

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