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Some Dem Candidates Now Distancing Themselves From Obama

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The ‘Chosen One’ is falling upon a rough patch…..

This is beginning to happen more and more. A month ago, Democrats couldn’t get close enough to The Chosen One, now more and more each day, candidates are stepping back, “just in case”, allowing themselves an “out”.

Obama’s frighteningly mean talk to the seven year olds, and Hillary’s noises about getting a roll-call vote at the convention is making lots of people think again…..Obama’s “nomination” is but a few dozen Super Delegate votes from being nothing but a memory.

Sen. Mary Landrieu is keeping her distance. Last Thursday, an automated Google search for “Mary Landrieu,” produced a link to a page on Obama;’s website touting an upcoming Washington, D.C fundraiser for Obama. An aide to John Kennedy, Landrieu’s Republican challenger, sent it to reporters. Just two hours later, the link went down, only to reappear with Landrieu’s name removed without notice.  Marc Ambinder noticed this on his blog where he has screen shots, etc.

This isn’t Obama’s first brush with being a leper. Back in May three very prominent Democrats (Gary Hart Rep. Harold E. Ford Jr. and Sen. Joseph R. Biden Jr.) rushed to distance themselves from Obama’s gaff about meeting with terrorists as President. Same for NARAL Affiliates who have since found out Obama changed yet again, and is firmly (for now anyway) against late-term abortions.

When it comes to offshore drilling, a growing number of Obama’s Senate colleagues are distancing themselves from his steadfast opposition. They’re even starting to side openly with McCain’s proposal to allow it. First it was Sen. Durbin, the senior senator from Obama’s home state, who said yes to offshore drilling and no to Obama. Then reports emerged that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid might change his tune on allowing offshore drilling. Now there’s word that the rise in oil prices has inspired a change of heart in Sen. Sherrod Brown of Ohio, who had previously opposed such plans.

Now what came just before this was from The Weekly Standard. On July 11th, a month ago!  Notice what happened?  Obama switched it up again, and let it be known he hadn’t changed his mind, mind you, but rather he was “open” to agreeing to more drilling, IF the bill contained lots of money for alternative energy.

Obama is shaping up to be the only Democrat without a chair when the music stops. His latest ad claims offshore drilling won’t be effective, putting him in a terrible bind. If he sticks to his guns, he’s at odds with his party and the vast majority of Americans. If he flip flops, there’s yet another reason for his countrymen to conclude he’s nothing but a milquetoast flip-flopper whose words mean nothing. This is now sinking in with dozens of the higher-profile Democrat candidates around the nation.

Look for more signs of distance emerging in the coming month, as the pols realize how vulnerable Obama, and his nomination, will make Democrats around the country, even in this anti-Republican year.


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