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Barack Obama Stuns, Saddens Little Kids With Remarks

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Obama Channels Jimmy “Malaise” Carter! *

When candidates answer questions from children about why they want the job, most will give an answer that uplifts the child and America. Think of Ronald Reagan leaving the kids feeling good about the country, and thrilled to have gotten to meet the President….

Not Barack Obama. He is, as he keeps telling us, a “different” kind of politician.  He sure is!   At a campaign stop in Elkhart, Indiana, a seven-year-old girl asked the Democrat why he wants to be President — and he told her that America has gone downhill, and certainly wasn’t what it once was.  Hasn’t anyone on his staff dared to tell The Chosen One that kid suicide has been on the up-swing?

One can imagine the conversation when the kid got home…..”What did you learn today in school, sweetheart?”  “I learned America was in the dumpster, Daddy. Why did you let that happen? Barack Obama told me so!”

People keep telling me Obama, “The One” reminds them of Jimmy Carter, with all his talk of malaise and best days behind us.  I now understand.  Watch this…..

Of course, this isn’t just some fluke.  Obama has been down the “America is on the decline” road before….this is the one where The Chosen One said America was full of people who held on to stereotypes to justify their own ignorance. Really uplifting, eh?  More proof he is indeed “The One” as he claims, brought here to cure us.

Now taken together, this oldie but goodie by Michelle Obama takes on new meaning, it shows she did indeed mean exactly, literally what she said, because it shows the two of them have exactly the same view of America…flawed with its best days behind it. Listen to it one more time.

Since I originally posted this, Hot Air has also posted as well on this topic.  There thoughts were better than mine, so let me quote them:

Everyone feels that we can improve ourselves, but we don’t usually cast it in terms of the country no longer being what it once was. Coming from the Obamas, that doesn’t even make sense. They have talked about how difficult it was to break through barriers, not without some justification, to reach this point in their lives and American history.

Doesn’t that speak to the point that we continue to grow and to learn? And if not, which “good old days” did Obama mean? The 1980s? I doubt it, and if he means the Clinton era, then why did he run against Hillary in the first place?

Once again, Obama got off the teleprompter and put his foot directly in his mouth. He’s not selling Hope, he’s selling Despair, and himself as the snake oil that will cure us of all our ills.


This following video clip is taken from Obama’s Dreams from My Father book signing, in New York on 11/23/2004. In it he appears to see America today as not a model for the world”….and of course is completely in line with the comments Obama made, shown above, within the last couple of days.  Just in case someone wants to spin this as a flub or misstatement, they will need to explain why what he says in 2008 is the same as in 2004.

“The Basic Outline of the government we possess and our civic religion as a people is such that potentially at least, we could create a society that is a model for the world, it isn’t right now.”


* → See Jimmy Carter article


Written by Ridgeliner7

Thursday, August 7, 2008 at 2:59:01 PM

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