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The Arrogance Of Believing In Your Own “Entitlement”

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With six months to go before he would be sworn in as the nation’s 44th president, Sen. Barack Obama has directed his aides to begin planning for the transition.

Mark Ambinder in his political blog on The reports:

With less than six months to go before he would be sworn in as the nation’s 44th president, Sen. Barack Obama has directed his aides to begin planning for the transition.

“Barack is well aware of the complexity and the organizational challenge involved in the transition process and he has tasked s small group to begin thinking through the process,” a senior campaign adviser said. “Barack has made his expectations clear about what he wants from such a process, how he wants it to move forward, and the establishment and execution of his timeline is proceeding apace.”

Last month, the Post’s Shalaigh Murray reported that campaign advisers were sounding out John Podesta, a former White House chief of staff to President Bill Clinton and currently the president of the Center for American Progress, for his advice.

An aide confirms that Podesta will probably be asked to head the transition team, which would take over from the campaign if Obama wins in November, and would be tasked with ensuring a smooth handover of power.

Podesta’s Center for American Progress is working with the Third Way think tank on a Homeland Security Presidential Transition Initiative; its director is Michael Signer, a former senior policy aide to Ex-Sen. John Edwards. Podesta remains a close friend of both Clintons and his participation will help assuage the concerns of Clinton-era Democratic policy and political appointees who might have felt abandoned in an Obama administration.

A campaign spokesperson confirmed that transition planning had begun but would provide no further details. An adviser said that the campaign wants to keep the process as low profile as possible “in order to minimize distractions.”

Hmmmmm…there’s that darned “distractions” term cropping up again! Since Obama already has his own Presidential Seal, I am not really surprised by any of this. Especially not the huge role Clinton’s team is continuing to play. That was foretold when Obama switched horses and supported FISA, No Child Left Behind and the Faith-Based Initiative.

In fact, I think it a good idea to plan transitions early. The problem with Team Obama doing so is that they made it public, confirmed it. That’s because they all feel “entitled” and that of course feeds into voter angst about Barack Obama’s judgment. As I have said before, his people take their cues from Obama’s own arrogance and elitism.

When asked about their own transition planning, McCain’s campaign refused to comment.


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