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Billionaire’s Answer To Tough Times: Bread and Circuses

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Distract, Distract, Distract!

George Soros, Owner of MoveOn & Media Matters

George Soros, Owner of

NAS and the George Soros-funded continue with their distraction, diversionary tactics with the bread and circuses tour…..delivering petitions [purportedly] signed by 600,000 extreme left loons and misguided, hapless followers, “decrying” Fox News for being racist.

In what has become his trade mark deceit, Soros and his lackeys who run MoveOn, offer a circus to keep the attention of his base. While they clamor on the one hand to appear on Fox News, place their spin-meisters on Fox, the highest rated cable news network, they pander to the hard-core nutters of their base by giving them something to occupy their protesting hearts, the political equivalent of “busy work”.

This all the better to keep the far-left activists from dwelling on Barack Obama’s selling them out with FISA, the Faith Based Initiative, No Child Left Behind and Iraq/Afghanistan.

Since Soros makes a large portion of his un-taxed, off-shore, income from munitions (like the land mines many of us are fighting against) being sold to the Third World, he doesn’t want his minions too focused on reality. Thus any old whipping boy will do, and who better to focus them on than Fox? It is an easy choice because it was Soros and his billions, along with hired-gun PR people, who turned Fox into the radical left’s bogeyman as Soros’s answer to attacks on the Main Stream Media by the Right.

It is more than amazing that those who Soros manipulates continue to turn a blind eye towards his immoral activities, yet they condemn others for making their money in less odious ways. Hasn’t anyone told those nutters that two wrongs don’t make one right?

I guess their pent-up hate always makes their hoped for “ends” justify any means. That is just so lame. More than that, it is sad.


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