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McCain, Once Again Acting Clueless & Squandering His Time

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Republican presidential candidate John McCain pledged Friday to help auto workers rebuild their industry and in the process jump-start the entire U.S. economy. On the day McCain visited one of the areas hardest hit by the economic downturn and rising gas prices, one of his top advisers, former Sen. Phil Gramm gave up his campaign position a week after saying the country was a “nation of whiners” facing merely a “mental recession.”

Earlier in the day McCain was standing in a town hall meeting with hundreds of people and several shiny new cars and sounding at times like a confident, encouraging salesman as he praised General Motors’ plans for a long-range electric car.

“The key, integral, vital part of our ability to eliminate our dependence on foreign oil will be directly related to that sign over there,” said McCain, pointing to a sign for the Chevrolet Volt. “I wish you every success, and I want to help in every way.”

Trailing Democrat Barack Obama in polling on economic issues, the likely Republican nominee sought to bolster his appeal to voters by speaking to those who’ve seen fellow workers lose jobs and homes in Michigan.


Written by Ridgeliner7

Friday, July 18, 2008 at 9:05:43 PM

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